Dear PoP – Police Activity at Warder and Quincy

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“Dear PoP,

When I was walking home from the metro around 5:30 last night, I saw a number of police cars race up Rock Creek Church and New Hampshire to the intersection of Warder and Quincy. By the time I caught up with them, there were about 6 police cars blocking traffic on Warder and groups of policemen were walking up and down the street. I didn’t get close enough to figure out what was going on. Do any of your readers know what happened?”

Haven’t seen anything from MPD yet. Anyone happen to catch what happened?

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yikes, and this just in from a reader:

    “Any info on this armed robbery on 14th and T last night?

    Police Alert-

    Robbery (Gun) _2341 hours _1400 block of T Street, NW_L/O for 2 B/M’s
    wearing dark pants and a grey and black hoodie DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911
    W/EVENT #120100128214”

  • Spring has sprung.

  • It was total confusion here yesterday. I don’t know what was going ono but I was driving on Wardner, a one way street, when a police van trying to make left from Quincy Street almost hit my car! I had my son in the back of the car.

    That is the second police bust in the neighborhood this week.

  • If you were at Quincy, the intersection is 7th and Quincy. Warder doesn’t go north of Rock Creek Church Road or into Ward 4/Petworth (dispite the incorrect street sign on the ne corner of RCCR & 7th)

  • I live near there, and I did happen to see a sedan halfway up onto the south sidewalk of Quincy St., practically parking on my neighbor’s front stoop. There were three cop cars on the scene, so I figured it was well in hand. By 8pm, the car was gone. I couldn’t tell you what happened before that.

    It reminded me of a time a few years ago when joyriders, driving too fast up Warder/7th and making a left onto Quincy, lost control of their car and crashed into a parked car at about the same location. Except that the struck car was an old Chevy Duster (I think) in great condition. Its owner even kept a cover on it most of the time. Anyway, the mishap killed the car, and I think the owner drives a Civic now. Sad.

  • Awe, come on they are only kids being kids. When you give them your wallet, give them a lolly pop too!

  • I live just down the street from there and here is the report I got from my next door neighbor who generally keeps pretty close tabs on the block.
    – Younger guys, 20’s, was high on PCP. Got scared when he saw a cop car and subsequently ran his car up on the curb (on Quincy St). He then jumped out and ran around the corner and jumped into the back of a pick up truck with a low bed cap (almost like a pickup truck bed lid) and shut the tailgate (on 7th St NW). Police called for back up, opened up the lid jumped in (this is when I came out on mu front porch) and wrestled the guy to the ground.
    Thats pretty much it.
    Took them a couple more hours to get the car moved off the curb and then things were pretty much back to normal.
    Later that night behind our house in the alley (north side 700 block of Quincy). There was a police car with lights flashing, they found a car back there that had been reported several weeks earlier. Unrelated incident.
    Busy evening!

  • That the police were trying to track down suspicious activity by a man dressed in all black, riding a bicycle, and loitering under trees for in excess of 5 minutes.

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