Congratulations to the Newly Married

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Photo from PoPville Flickr user Mr. T in DC

Just wanted to add my voice sending congratulations to the same sex couples who are now allowed to get married in our nation’s capital.

Anyone get/getting married?

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  • I second the congratulations to all who are finally able to get married in the District! It’s about time!

  • FYI, there is a 3-day waiting period in the District for all marriages, so the first weddings can’t be until March 9.

  • Congrats to everyone! Also congrats to all the Maryland residents who can get married in DC and have a fully honored legal marriage when they go back across the state line.

  • Just this week, I was feeling like all the sanctity had gone out of my hetero marriage. Now I know why. Thanks a lot!


    • I’m originally from MA and when the equal marriage law went into effect there my older sister called me to discuss how great our Commonwealth is. During the call I asked her if she felt less married and she replied: “Oh, yeah. The husband, the house, the kids, the cars, the mortgage – it’s all meaningless now.” Then she had to get off the phone to pick the kids up from school.

      Now the only problem is she’s going to start pressuring me to get married, even though I don’t have a boyfriend right now. Those married people, always trying to recruit the rest of us 🙂

  • You know it! We’ve had a 12-year engagement. I think we’re ready!

  • PoP where was my congrats when I got regular married? no one cares about my regular marriage any more. i feel like a middle-child.

  • During the three day waiting period, all couples who intend to be wed should have to read all the postings on PoP from rg over the past 6 months.

    catcha: pompom unions. how appropriate.

  • WDC, TonyS, and Anon – are you sure you’re living in the right town, the right time era? Really?

    Maybe some dumb redneck village might be a better fit. Oh yeah… 1st Amendment… I know.

    Congratulations to the new couples!

  • Frankie, dear, perhaps you should think before you type. Or at least read everything twice before remarking on it. ‘Cause if you did, you’d realize (a) WDC was being facetious; (b) so was TonyS and (c) Anonymous was referring to the numerous postings of rg regarding the decline, fall, and bitter acrimony of his won’t-be-over-soon-enough marriage.

    • yup.

      also, i was VERY offended that you used the term “redneck.” it is an incredibly backward and insensitive term. please retract.

      thanks 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Congrats to all who can get married now!

  • Today, I got to use the same argument on conservatives who oppose gay marriage that they like to use on DC residents in order to deny us voting representation in Congress: You don’t like it? Move!

    Oh man, it felt good.

  • My girlfriend and I have always said we wouldn’t get married ’til *all* our friends could get married. Now we’re going to have to come with another excuse. 😉
    We’re presently on vacation in Mexico, so, Felicidades!!!
    Sr. Binkles

  • Hmmmm – I was raised in one of those villages by the very people who say, “I have black friends & gay friends.” I know them so well I even wrote a book about it.

    That term may be backward and insensitive, but unfortunately its still relavent. Did it hit a nerve?

    No retraction forthcoming.

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