Chinatown Coffee Co. Building For Sale


Wow, there is a crazy real estate piece in this week’s Northwest Current (click on No. 10 to download a PDF copy). They write:

“The residential portion of the building at 475 H St. is offered for $2,495,000. The commercial property is listed for $1,295,000; together, the two are available for $3,750,000. For details, contact Jonathan Taylor of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty at 202-276-3344 or [email protected]

Do you think this is just to become the landlord? I’m guessing that the coffee shop has signed a multi-year lease? Anyone know?

We took a look at Chinatown Coffee Co. this summer.

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  • Check out the photos here

    Reading the Current article, my impression was that current owners of the coffee shop own the entire building and live on the top two floors but wouldn’t be opposed to either selling the living space and keeping the coffee shop or selling the whole building and leasing the cofee shop

  • ah

    Maybe a building with a signed lease is more valuable than one without . . .

    If you’re selling the residential portion and own the commercial, why not sell both at once?

  • If there is a lease, it could probably be voided if the purchaser was using it for his or her own use. Many leases also have provisions of sale which specifically enumerate this. This unit would probably work well as an owner-operator situation…

  • the word around the regular customers of china town coffee is that the owners who indeed own the whole building and the coffee shop are getting divorced and selling everything to divide the assets.

    the owner (well at least one of them) is trying to exercise damage control and is twittering that the shop isn’t for sale. well if you look at the listing you see that the retail space is being offered as well with the business or vacant.

    too bad. its been clear every time the owner (i think his name is max) comes in that he’s a classic business guy who is chasing the almighty buck and doesn’t care about his employees or customers aside from the money they generate, and he certainly doesnt care about coffee. I don’t know exactly what the relationship was with that Nick Cho guy, but pretty much as soon as he was let go the business got all aimless and weird.

    sad, but typical story. I doubt china town coffee will exist for much longer.

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