CapitalSpace Parks Plan is now available

Meridian Hill Park
Photo by PoPville flickr use Rukasu1

Thanks to a reader for sharing the news from the National Capital Planning Commission:

“We are pleased to inform you that the final draft CapitalSpace Plan is available electronically at and at The CapitalSpace partners appreciate your interest and previous assistance in helping us develop a plan that envisions a beautiful, high-quality, and unified park system for the nation’s capital. We believe this final document is a better plan because of the public comments we received from more than 40 civic leaders, organizations, and individuals. The comments provided by the public and the proposed responses were presented by staff to the National Capital Planning Commission at the January 2010 meeting.

The National Capital Planning Commission will be considering the final draft CapitalSpace Plan for adoption at its April 1, 2010 meeting. If you wish to speak at the Commission meeting, you can register until noon on March 31. Information about registering to speak, the April Commission agenda, and the executive director’s recommendation, which identifies how the CapitalSpace plan will be used by agency staff and the Commission, are available at the Commission Corner of NCPC’s website at”

The reader points out that the Armed Forces Retirement Home (Old Soldiers Home) is addressed on pages 23, 26, 27, and 95 and notes that: “No firm commitment for development, however, AFRH was entirely absent form the draft plan and was mentioned substantially in the new plan. Clearly they paid attention to the public comments.”

You can also download the report here – FinalDraftCapitalSpacePlan

Learn more about CaptialSpace here and National Capital Planning Commission here.

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  • It’s a touch off subject, I’ll give you that. But this picutre reminds me of something that I wonder if anybody else has noticed.

    Meridian Hill Park looks pretty similar to an imagined Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

    Down the street the Masonic Temple is built to look like the Mausoleum of Mausolus.

    In the Capitol, now in the Smithsonian, is a statue of GW looking like Zeus.

    That wretched GW Masonic National Memorial is obviously a copy of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

    On top of the George Washington monument? Yep, a pyramid.

    It’s a stretch, but the Jefferson Memorial has resemblences to the Colossus of Rhodes.

    So I ask you, where is the Temple of Artemis?

  • They also mention the McMillan Reservoir and the sand filtration site. If that becomes a park, I will jump for joy. I have many good memories of jogging around the Central Park Reservoir in NYC.

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