Allegro on 14th St. Retail Space Really is Getting a Dry Cleaners Plus Social Looking to Open up 3rd Floor


For the longest time I thought the Dry Cleaners coming soon sign was only a myth. Well it looks like Thai Tanic II is now going to have some company in the retail space of the Allegro building located at 3462 14th Street, NW. Work has progressed on the space and there are proper permits for a dry cleaners in the window.


And just up 14th Street, NW Social has applied to open up its third floor space. I liked how they wrote a personal letter to the community in addition to the license:


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  • Perhaps Social needs to get it’s act together with it’s food and food service before it expands? Cold food whenever I have sat upstairs, inattentive wait-staff and not too flavorful food. Or has it gotten better lately? I gave it a few shots already and was done with it.

  • I went there for dinner when it first opened. I thought the food was great, but the drinks on the menu were absolutely terrible (mostly tasted like cough syrup). They need a new mixologist.

    On the contrary, I do go there for regular drinks at the bar downstairs and have had a great time.

  • I hope they use the top level for parking cars. The food sucks and doesn’t warrant another level for mediocre food.

  • Kalorini

    I know these guys personally and I know they put their heart and soul into this restaurant. I like their wine selection, but they have ZERO vegetarian options. So I wouldn’t know much about their food, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more seating with a less-awkward bar set up (the length of the bar downstairs is too short!).

  • Ok if Social is so awful can you list 3 restaurants in CH you’d rather go to?

  • I think the food is great. I spent the past 7 years in San Francisco and it reminds me of a popular place in Hayes Valley. The dishes are creative, and yes, you can tell that they put their heart into it. Glad to see they finally go the signage worked out!

    • OOoh – I love heart! Grilled on a skewer, braised – even just boiled and sliced with a little whole grain mustard. Didn’t know they had it on the menu! Everything else was pretty routine. Sorry, was hoping for better, but true.

  • not true..what about the mederia mushrooms? and the olive plate? and the salads?

    or do you mean vegan?

  • Social food is great. However, whenever I’vebeen there, the place is always empty. Personally, they need a better ambiance. Also, some of the dessert prices are ridiculous, especially for the area. A $9 cupcake? Way too much. The food is cold, that’s true, but it has been so good that I have not care.

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