Massive Emergency Response Presence Near Grant Circle


Thanks for all the tips on this. I just came back from the scene at 6:45pm Monday evening. I’ve never seen this many emergency response vehicles. Dozens of firetrucks, police cars, ambulances and the big black special operations vehicle can be seen around Illinois Ave and Webster with 7th Street, NW closed off.


Word on the street is that a man has barricaded himself inside a home near 7th and Webster Streets, NW. It is not clear if there is a weapon and it is not clear if there are people being held against their will. But given this size response something serious is clearly going on. I’ll update with more info as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE FROM MAYOR’S OFFICE: 12:50 am – Tues., Feb. 9

“MPD has informed us that the barricade incident on the 4300 block of 7th Street NW has ended without injury. MPD has custody of the person who caused the incident. Grant Circle area streets are being re-opened.”


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  • the cops wont let anybody on my block leave their house

  • Let’s just pray no one gets hurt!

    • No offense, but I never understand this sentiment. Why didn’t you just pray against this ever happening in the first place? Or pray that it never happens anywhere? Why not just pray against all bad things happening to everyone everywhere? If you believe prayer works, shouldn’t you just be on your knees all day praying against bad things? Did you slack off one day and – oops earthquake in Hati? I know it’s kinds of just a figure of speech, but it is kind of vapid.

      And please, we’ve heard all the “god works in mysterious ways” lines.

  • Almost the same exact thing happened in Bloomingdale last week at N Cap and Bryant. Somebody was threatening suicide it appears and the response was massive, perhaps they had others barricaded in with them. I’ve never seen so many vehicles, this sounds eerily similar. Black SWAT van, 2-3 other special response unit vans, dozens of cop cars, a few ambulances, fire engines. Probably 30+ vehicles all told, no joke. N Cap was shut down in both directions for several hours in the middle of the night and into rush hour. Don’t know how far south it stretched, but they blocked it off starting right up at Michigan.

  • i hope every one envolved keeps a cool head,and all stay safe.

  • I guess RG and his X are having some issues with his delayed departure! The shoveling didn’t work?


  • The cops just told us that the man in question has a high powered rifle and that we were in the line of fire when we turned from upshur onto 7th.

  • Look at that clean street!!!

  • anon 7:28 pm:

    fed closed tmw, too? really??

  • Confused thread or true Dada?

  • I just heard screaming and what sounds like gunshots coming from my window, I live at 7th and Varnum

  • I have a clear view of the house from my bedroom window…he just dropped a tv or some heavy electronic equipment from the top floor window. Looks/sounds like a young kid (late teens early 20’s).

  • i may have spoken too soon, they sounded like muffled bangs, maybe tear gas or something

  • oh dear lord… you all are lammeeeee


  • Very interesting, standing out in the cold, listening to the bullhorn, begging the standout, we need to talk, we know you can hear us. Must be like 50-100 officers assigned to this! I am glad I am not right next door wanting to go to sleep for an early meeting!

    What’s with the sounds of shotguns? Is it really tear gas?

  • the two of you are huge pain. this post was about aserious situation and …well as i said before shut up

  • Well there you have it.

  • Is it still going on? I have a friend who lives within range of the guy’s rifle and was evacuated earlier… but would really like to come home.

  • did they kill him, my god~

  • i don’t think it is over an in fact if it were they would not let anyone in until the morning because of clean up.

  • thanks for the update

  • only that the noise has stopped and it seems they either killed him or got him to come out of his house.

  • That is so sad… what a troubled soul he must be.

  • Yeah it is sad. Glad we have a great police force to handle these tough situations.

  • If you’re talking about the prayer thing – I made it clear from the beginning that I don’t understand and am indeed seeking knowledge, and that I come from a position of respect, and am seeking facts, totally admitting ignorance, so no mocking, except in your limited mind.

    Simply show me a verifiable example of prayer averting disaster and I will be eagerly converted. I believe, (mostly) in God but find it obscene and abhorrent when people who happened to escape disaster get up and say “Thank God he saved me” instead of “Thank God that he chose to kill someone else besides me.”

    I’ve always found the idea of praying for or against something outright blasphemous, besides petty and dull. God knows what he is doing (or what the fuck good is he?) So beseeching him for or against our preferred outcome is both ostentatious and hopefully futile.

    That said, I understand and accept the human urge to pray in the sense of trying to clearly connect to the divine. I just despise facile platitudes guised as prayer – like “let’s pray everything turns out all right.”

    “Prayer” in this context, is really just another word for lobbying. If God can be coaxed, he is not omnipotent. If not omniptent, then what good is he?


    • Victoria – I am sorry for the ignoramuses whose only response to a question can be shut up. That’s why we have red state vs blue state, religion vs agnostic, black vs white issues – when people aren’t willing to talk.

      I firmly believe in the power of prayer, but I also firmly believe that if God stepped in and removed all the bad in life, then how would any of us grow as humans? Remember our parents letting us make mistakes so we could learn from them? If they protected us from all bad things, what kind of adults would we be now. I feel like its similar with God – sometimes he just has to let a lot of us screw up, which sometimes leads to really bad things for other people (wars, murder, broken homes, etc). But how much would life suck if God sheltered us from all bad experiences? We wouldn’t even know it if we were having a good experience.

      Anyway. While I don’t know how to say that prayer certainly averts disasters (because would we know about them if they didn’t happen) i can say that I know it has happened to me. I was driving late one night and went to turn on a road. As I started to turn, I got the worst feeling I have ever had in my life. I just knew that if I turned down that road, something bad was going to happen. So, I turned around and went another way. Will I ever know what would have happened down that road? Nope. But I’m willing to accept that in that one instant in life, I was spared from making a bad decision.

  • As far as I could gather, it was a man with a rifle making suicide threats at 4315 7th St.

    Those of you not allowed out of your houses were damn lucky. I wasn’t allowed *in* my house and I spent two hours outside and another 3.5 lying on a church pew contemplating my life choices. Like the choice to live in Petworth.

    Good night.

  • Sad to hear the boisterous laughter of someone(s) in the group. Emergency vehicles slowly departing.

    OK, I’ll shut up, it’s serious.


  • Sorry you feel nervous in Petworth Jane, this type of thing happens everywhere. I wish you luck in whatever you decide. I hope you have warmed up since being able to come inside.

  • how can someone laugh if a man died?

  • Marge,

    Where’d you get the notion I was nervous about living in Petworth? I never said such a thing, nor am I.

    Though I can assure you — having lived in cities on all three coasts of the U.S., as well as two years in Europe and two years elsewhere in DC — that this type of thing most certainly does not happen everywhere. In fact, it happens in very few places, thank god. Your worldview is a warped and rather depressing one.

    • wow. while I think you’re 100% correct, I assume Marge was extending a note of sympathy. She had good intentions. Then again, it was 1am when you responded so maybe you were just delirious.

      • Nah, I just think she sounded condescending, annoying, and a bit batty. And I don’t like it when strangers attribute emotions to me out of whole cloth. I’m not nervous about Petworth; I’m just rolling my eyes about having to deal with this shit.

  • Troubled suicidal people are location specific to Petworth?

  • my woe started as early as 5.30pm when the cops began to arrive. I was never allowed in until Prayer is good though. Its not lobbying. When you pray you let your wish known to a higher power. You feel better you’ve spoken your mind. Better to speak than to shot up. All decision are God’s, though you’ve expressed your wish and acknowledged the power of the Almighty. Does he listen to us, Yes definitely. But his will is perfect. This is WISDOM.

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