Good Deal or Not? Takoma Park Cape Cod Edition


This home is located at 413 Circle Ave, Takoma Park, MD:

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The flier says:

“A 2003 renovation and expansion created this wonderful cape cod in Takoma Park less than 1 mile to metro, with front porch charm, a dramatic open floor plan and light filled contemporary spaces. The living room has a vaulted ceiling and open stairway to the loft level bedroom. One wall features a wood burning fireplace. The living room opens to a cozy dining area and large kitchen. French doors lead to the side yard. There is a separate office off the dining room. The lovely kitchen features granite counters and maple cabinets. Two main level bedrooms and a full bath complete the first floor. The lower level is finished, with new carpet, a second full bath and room for family,exercise,play space. Driveway leads to carport. 0.8mile to Metro.”

You can find more info and photos here. (Click on the first listing “FRONT PORCH CHARM MEETS CONTEMPORARY OPEN SPACE!!!
Takoma Park, MD”)

I know I don’t usually stray outside the district but I was intrigued by this home. Full disclosure: a friend of mine is selling it. But I’m curious what you guys think of the renovation and location. Does $499,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Looks extremely small and I’m not sure I could stand living among all the dirty hippies in Takoma Park. But the decent school systems and vastly superior services of Montgomery County are probably worth a sizable premium. Since I’m childless, I’d probably look for something similar on the D.C. side and save some dough.

    • this is definitely PG County part of Takoma Park

      • No, it’s not. New Hampshire is the PG County boundary until you get to E-W Highway, then there’s a funny little carve-out on the east side of New Hampshire up to University that’s still Montgomery County.

    • Better to live among the “dirty hippies” in TP than near a clearly clueless person like you, Rick. By all means, stay in D.C.

        • I like the hippies, so I’m pretty sure you don’t. Which, all things considered, is fine by me. I have to deal with enough jackasses in my life as it is.

          • Like hippies?

          • Do you know any Takoma Park hippies? Trust me they are not the people you think they are if you don’t call them jack*sses. I had many friends who ran afoul of their very strict rules in TP. One woman actually accosted my friend in front of me and told him that he didn’t want him playing hip hop out of his car because her teenage daughter might hear potentially misogynist lyrics- that may have been 1995. I know, I know, “every community has jerks” but that’s an intellectually corrupt argument. In Takoma Park the hippies age 50 and above created and are managing California Uber Alles. You’d have a lot of people that, at best, we’d call hypocrites engaged in… horizontal oppression (google it).

  • the landscaping needs a little work, but the inside is just adorable. and big! (says the woman with the 400sf apartment)

  • Very cute house, but in general I don’t like the idea of bedrooms on different floors – especially with a baby. And is the loft/MB open to below? Not a fan of that, either. We looked at a few houses in that section of Takoma Park and didn’t really care for the neighborhood a whole lot. Too far from the metro – Google maps puts it at 1.2 miles, not 0.8 – and too close to New Hampshire.

    Friends of ours bought a year or two ago halfway between the TP and SS metros, so a more desirable location in my opinion, and got a larger house with a larger lot for the same price.

  • the house seems nice enough, for a person that wants to live in the ‘burbs. That said, I would not pay $500K for a house in PG county.

    • And the neighborhood really is teeming with aging, bat-sh*t crazy hippies. The house down the street from me is an actual commune, believe it or not.

    • Like dreas said above, this is Montgomery County. Schools are Takoma elementary and middle, Blair high.

      • God, you don’t want to send your kids to Blair. I remember when I interviewed for the magnet program there and they said that it wasn’t that bad a school because they only had 1 on campus rape that year.

  • What’s up with people thinking this is PG County? Almost none of Takoma Park is in PG County anymore.

  • Yeah, it’s MoCo according to the listing:

    As dreas pointed out, though, it appears to have 2 bedrooms on the first floor and 1 open loft BR on the 2nd floor with a very low ceiling. Awkward layout if you ask me. And from StreetView it looks like sidewalks are missing on a lot of the streets in the neighborhood, which would bother me. I guess you’re really paying for the schools with this one.

  • Like others have said, it must have been a lovely community years ago, but the insane NIMBY hippies have killed it. Their peace and love only apply to themselves. Everyone else can STFU and GTFO.

  • Ugh. PoP please don’t link to realtor pages rather than Redfin anymore. That realtor website hurts my eyes and offends me at how lame it is. The Redfin interface and layout is just so superior. If I was a realtor and still wanted my own webpage, I’d just copy the Redfin layout. Ugh.

  • It’s an ok deal. I agree with dreas and if I’m going to move to Takoma Park (which I probably will one day for the Montgomery County Schools) I’d also look between Takoma Park and Silver Spring, along Piney Branch ave or the like. I have a few friends who live in that neighborhood and you can get a similar sized house for 500K. This house is a little too close to New Hampshire. But it still looks great.

  • I live on this street and it is not PG County. All of Takoma Park, MD is in Montgomery County and has been for a while.

  • It’s “Prince George’s County,” not PG. If you can spell out all of the syllables necessary for “Montgomery,” then you’re gifted enough to spell out Prince George’s (that was easy – I even saved one whole syllable!).

  • You’re not actually getting a good school system here if you feed into Blair. Blair was one step up from Oxen Hill in terms of the quality of the students and that was only because they had the magnet program. Basically you take a handful of smart, brainy kids and you put them in the middle of a juvi center. It was supposed to make Blair look better by bringing up the average PSAT score.

    “Blair, keeping criminals out of your community from 7:45a-2:45p M-f!*”

    *And some Saturdays!

  • Beautiful home, but I couldn’t live anywhere where neighborhood closes down at 10 at night. I don,t even get home until then.

  • No it’s PG….

    When I was a lifeguard you got hazard pay for working the pools.

    But if it makes you feel better you can refer to Montgomery County as MoCo, and the Cops as the MoCo-PoPo

    Damn I need to work harder on Fridays.

  • Dirty hippies! Where the hell have you been? I’m on the DC side of Takoma and have been periodically subjected to the “hippie” gestapo. They are some of the most conservative, restrictive and rigid individuals I’ve ever met. It’s peace, love and my way or no way. Lordy!

  • You all need to smoke some grass and recycle more. P.S. The schools couldn’t be worse than DC

  • Ummm, I went to Blair and really liked it. Never got jacked up, wasn’t in the Magnet program. That was the old Blair, though, but then, too, people were paranoid about it since it was PG County (just speaking in code to let you know it was 40% black then. It was and still is in MoCo.) My mom started checking out private schools when I was at Takoma, even though we were quite unable to afford them. And I even made it off to college!

  • This whole thread — wow, just wow….

  • PG means refugees from DC before the Dupontcirclization and post gentrification.
    Brother Sharpton

  • I looked at this house last weekend and really liked the feel of it, but I did not see a single closet (the bedrooms denfinitely did not have them) and the loft bedroom is open – i.e. not walled off from the downstairs living room. That basically makes it a two bedroom with a den upstairs in my book. The price is a little steep for that.

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