Bloomingdale Residents Brace Yourselves – You May Be Getting Another Bar!


Ed. Note: As mentioned previously, Bloomingdale has been frequently teased with the possibility of getting a neighborhood bar. Hopefully the following tip will turn out to be true but as with all scuttlebutt please read the following as an unconfirmed report.

And the potential good news keeps on coming for the possibility of a bar finally coming to Bloomingdale. Now it looks like we may have a race on our hands. A reader writes in this scintillating tip – a bar called “Bloomingdale Hospitality” is looking to move into 116 Rhode Island Ave, NW and are in the process of applying for permits and licenses.

In late January I broke the news that Bloomingdale was close to getting its first bar (Rustik Neighborhood Tavern), to be located at 1832 1st Street, NW (near T St.), pending some permitting issues. Well 116 Rhode Island Avenue, NW is actually right around the corner so it’ll be interesting to see who makes it first. I’m really hopeful that Bloomingdale actually will get a neighborhood bar one day soon. And from all the folks I speak to, I think the first one to set up shop is going to be rewarded with a very grateful and loyal following…

I echo what the original tipster wrote:

“Here’s to hoping that with three projects on that corner, at least one will get finished!”

( Baraki is the third project referenced above.) As soon as a permit is posted I’ll be sure to update.


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  • Between the firehouse, Baraki, Rustic and now Hospitality we residents would have a ton of options if by god any of them would actually open.

    Beer please!

    • firehouse isn’t going anywhere, Brian Brown is squatting on it after getting a sweetheart deal from the city. here’s hoping for the other three through!

  • I love it! Bloomingdale is officially the best neighborhood in all of DC now!

  • This would be fantastic! I really think that Bloomingdale could easily support multiple bars. Looking forward to POP organizing the first ever Bloomingdale Bar tour!

  • Dear Ju & Che,
    Learn to freaking draw something. I’m no graffiti hater, but really. Are you going for some kind of record? Can you paint ANYTHING else?

  • If multiple Bloomingdale bars open, I will do my part to support each and every one.

  • I’ve been living in B’Dale for 7&1/2 years and I’ve learned to manage my expectations when it comes to local businesses — but I keep hoping.

  • Please let them open at least one neighborhood bar. My laziness needs coddling.

  • I know the guys that plan to open this bar and they are great! It will happen.
    come and support the bar when it opens.

  • It’s gonna be one happening street corner someday.
    Any other details on these future bars?
    Will big bear ever get a liquor licence?
    I heard the yellow building on first @ seaton is for sale too

    the firehouse and the whole block it sits on are a waste.

    • Apparently the Big Bear liquor license went up for discussion at the recent BACA meeting. Check out the In Shaw blog for any info on that.

      What building are you talking about at First and Seaton? The NW or NE corner?

      • NW corner. the one that NCMS has decorations in the window.
        i heard the NE corner one recently sold, but didnt sound like too promising an outcome. we’ll see i guess. better than empty.

        i would love me some big beer at big bear. big bear malt liquor even.

        • Dunno about that NW corner spot. Last I saw they were just trying to lease out that spot, not actually trying to sell it. Definitely post something up if you hear otherwise.

          As for the NE corner, yeah, it sold a while back but seems unclear exactly what sort of restaurant it’ll become (chinese or pizza I think). I know the old tax place one up from it on unit block of Seaton went on the market recently as well.

          • matt,
            a tenant of the building told me that her landlord told her she was selling it. 1.5 million. maybe its a tax thing?

            and man, that old tax building is a string of disappointments. the guy that put the second floor on it told everyone he was opening a coffee shop.. this was before windows cafe, so everyone was all excited.

    • the yellow building at first and seaton (NW corner) is “for sale by owner” per a new sign in the window as of a couple months ago. But don’t bet on it selling anytime soon.

      The owners weren’t serious sellers when they were trying to lease it over the last few years and i hear they’re asking for about 50% more for that property than it’s worth.

      I’m afraid my best guess is it’ll sit in its current state for a while….

  • @jmbs

    Dare I ask when you’re friends think they might be open?

  • Does a neighborhood need a bar to be great…I mean, isn’t B-dale kind of cool now?

  • Bloomingdale is an awesome spot that could be even better with this bar! Not to mention, the guys heading it up have an inspirational concept that would keep with the close-knit feel that Big Bear exudes. While I love the U and H Street scenes, DC could use some more options. Neighborhoods like Bloomingdale have loads of potential. I can’t wait for Bloomingdale Hospitality to open it’s doors.

    • “Not to mention, the guys heading it up have an inspirational concept that would keep with the close-knit feel that Big Bear exudes.”

      care to share what that concept is?

  • Man, CHE gets up EVERYWHERE!

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