Wed. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)


This basement apartment is located at 1718B 15th Street, NW:

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The craigslist ad says:

“Roomy, bright, 1 bedroom English Basement available immediately. Includes full size W/D, DW, gas fireplace, DirecTV w/ DVR, and WiFi. Only additional cost is electric.”

Does $1585 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom English basement apartment?

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  • Wow yeah… Great location and the fact that everything except electric is included… Awesome deal!

    So strange they include DirecTV… I’ve never seen that before.

    • I have. And from previous basement-living experience, I can tell you it’s because there’s a whole bunch of extra paperwork (involving the landlord) to fill out if you want to separate a basement apartment from the rest of the house in the eyes of Comcast. It can just be easier to share, and it’s hard to ask someone to chip in if they might not want it (but get it no matter what).

  • Yes. That is a good deal for the area. (Provided that everything checks out in person.)

  • I couldn’t imagine paying that much for a basement apt but I imagine someone who really likes Whole Foods and 14th St wine bars, etc. and doesn’t care as much about sunlight would. So I’d say it’s appropriately priced, but not at great or awesome deal.

  • Bad deal; a basement for $1,500?

  • As a person with a first floor apartment with windows that look onto an alley and pretty much NO sunlight coming in (it could be the sunniest day out with no clouds and it still seems like it is cloudy)… I would stick with my original assessment that this is a good deal. Maybe not a good deal, but on par with rents I have seen in the area (I live at 12th & Mass in a studio apt for $1250). Definitely worth the price given the area.

  • I need light or I get depressed. Knoeck off 400 bucks and I might have enough left over to cover my antidepressants.

  • The location shown in the map is wrong. 1718 15th is at R street, not P street, which makes a fairly big difference.

  • I think it’s a good deal…I used to live at 14th and Corcoran in a basement apartment, and paid $1550 (and that was 3 years ago). Sucks to pay that much for a basement, but that’s the way it goes around here…

  • Can’t imagine paying that honestly but yeah someone probably will..

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