Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – The Woodner


This apartment is located at 3636 16th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Just walking distance from Columbia Heights. We also offer a free shuttle service to and from the Van Ness UDC metro.

Grocery store, doctor, daycare, dentist, dry cleaning, DVD rental, restaurant and bar and much more!!

With the free rooftop fitness center and resort style heated pool, there isn’t much more you could ask for…

Our community is perfect for you! Call 202-328-2822 today and make an appointment with Phillip to come experience the Woodner!”

Wow, I didn’t know they had a pool! Does $875 for this studio sound reasonable?

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  • The woodner as a rental option – thats got to be a joke right? That place is a roach nest with people living in it.

  • Very convenient to publc transportation and the views of the Park from the rear apartments is beautiful but the halls always smell like roach spray. Wasn’t someone murdered there a few months ago?

  • Haven’t there been 2 people murdered in there in the past year?

  • The Woodner is enormous and used to be downright glamorous about 40 years ago, but it has fallen far. It would be great to see it upgraded someday but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Vonstallin

    I think Ol Woody is decent for a brave, cash strap intern living on nickles and dimes. It’s close enuff and cheap enuff to almost survive.

    Monthly Roach Fogging might keep them at bay.

    If they ever fire bomb the place and remodel every floor…this will be a prmire location.

  • Offering rental rates you’ll die for! hardy har har

  • i feel bad because i thought this was a joke. the woodener doesn’t seem like an option for most PoP readers.

      • Because apparently all POP readers can afford 1500+/mo places. I really don’t get the disdain for this place. I’d like to see another place with sub 1000 studios in Mt. P or Columbia Heights.

        • I’ve read the reviews on, and it seems there is a roach and bedbug infestation with incompetent management.

          I agree that less than $1000 for a studio is ridiculously cheap, but I can’t imagine anyone (at least on here) trading that cost for living with bugs and having to put up with the management team described.

          It’s not that we can afford 1500+/mo places, but I, and I’m speaking for only myself here, would rather pay 1000-1300 for a nicer studio apartment without bugs.

        • I’m here to say that I’m a long time POP reader and HAVE NEVER paid $1500 a month for a rental. Even now in Brooklyn my rent is $1200 for 1 bedroom with office.

          My last rent in Petworth in DC in August was just about $830. My most expensive place in DC was $950. Please don’t pigeon-hole POP readers.

  • Between this and the Park Regent [1701 Park Rd] last week PoP could start a “slum of the week rental option” component of this blog.

    • It’s helpful to know which buildings to avoid! I’m currently daydreaming about being able to afford my own place and ditch the roommate when my current lease is up in August, so I’m taking careful note of anything that looks like an affordable 1BR in DC – but I’m afraid I’ll be priced out into Silver Spring (or god forbid, Arlington).

  • Yeah, it’s kind of a dump, but if you want to live someplace w/o roommates for under $1000 that’s not 2 miles from the metro what other choices do you have people?

    Seriously, I’d be interested to know.

    • I rented from Fred A. Smith in my last place, they have quite a lot of decent apartments that aren’t ridiculously expensive. I also found they were really easy to work with and responded to all maintenance requests. My apartment looked a bit crappy on the outside, but the apartment was maintained and updated on the inside with great neighbors, and a short walk to either Fort Totten or Georgia Avenue Metro stations. (And only a block from the NHA bus lines.)

  • There have been previous posts about men hanging out at the building’s restaurant/bar heckling/pinching women who pass by there. When my old housemates moved there, there was a rape in the woods behind the building (sadly, Piney Branch) and a gun fired in one of the hallways.

  • Good god… I’m glad PoP started doing these rental option posts. I’ll have to submit the places I’m looking at when I search at the end of March.

    Thanks for the laughs everyone! (only the funny ones! not funny about rape and murder…)

  • I lived at the Woodner for a year when I first moved here, and I would recommend it to a subgroup of people, with the appropriate caveats about roaches and murder. I rented it sight unseen so that I could tell the moving company where to bring my stuff from across the country, and will admit to being horrifically depressed when I finally got here.

    But, a decently sized studio apartment for $770 at the time, all utilities included, with a pool, a store (that sells booze – this is such a bonus, I can’t even tell you how often I was there buying shitty wine), a little fitness center that was totally useful for people that just run and lift a little…I called it my cruise ship, because it really was self-contained.

    The big downside back then as a young woman (2002-2003) was the sketchiness of walking from 14th to 16th at night from the metro. That is almost completely turned around now, making the Woodner an even better deal.

    So, students, people who hate roommates, and people who can manage their own roach situation and won’t freak out when they see one, the Woodner is perfectly fine. You can bank all the money you could be spending on an $1800 1-bedroom in Dupont to save up for a downpayment to get the hell out as soon as you grow up.

    • Except I don’t think most people are just banking an extra grand a month if they’re living at the Woodner… It’s not like, an alternative to a swank Dupont pad. It’s an affordable hell-hole.
      (with a bar!)

      • I live at the Woody (my pet name for it) and am doing exactly as DCAC suggested. I live beneath my means on purpose and bank an extra $1,000-$1,500 a month while still living in a very cool part of the city. My place is very nice inside and while the bed-bug/roach issue was definitely horrific at one point, it is now the source of serious remediation on the part of the management. Some people can handle gritty urban living (like me & Henry Miller) and some people can’t.

    • I just love the phrase – “the appropriate caveats about roaches and murder.”

  • And I should add I had the best view I’ll ever have in DC…totally unobstructed view of Rock Creek Park from the 7th floor. So peaceful, like living in a tree house. And yeah, I walk fast, but 10 minutes to the metro and 10 minutes to groceries with my little granny cart. Pretty convenient for the price.

  • ha! “with the appropriate caveats about roaches and murder”

    I’ve known a zillion people who’ve lived here over the years, so there must be some appeal. I think the store and the price and the location are mainly it.

    Add bed bugs to the caveats though — they’ve got some serious problems, and that shizz’ll ruin all of your belongings.

    That place, in theory, could be awesome. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

  • I looked at this place a while back and besides a few murders, the biggest issue is the distance from anything and the fact that its a mess. Cant beat the price for those of us who are going to pay for two separate residences (cars mortgage food et al) on one salary. one of the few options under $1000 in all all NW dc.

  • I also checked out this place a couple of years ago. I found there to be a lot of noise in the hallways. When I went to check out the empty apt. I heard a couple fighting in the place across the hall; and a few doors down I heard some very strange noises.

    On the plus side, I got a flat tire (right across the street and entirely my fault) and a complete stranger helped me fix it.

  • That whole area around there, Oates, Oak, Ogden, 14th street is just crawling with BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!

    Those little guys will turn your life upside down. Trust me…

  • That whole area around there, Oates, Oak, Ogden, 14th street is just crawling with BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!BEDBUGS!

    Those little guys will turn your life upside down. Trust me…

  • Ya, I would STRONGLY caution against moving anywhere that has had reports of bed bugs. My god I wish some one had given me that advice a few years ago. Worst. Six. Months. Ever.

  • The Crestwood is right over the bridge and no bed bugs!

  • How do you find out if a place has bedbugs? Do they have to tell you, or are you on your own to find out?

  • If you think a few roaches and a few bedbugs is worth the cost, you need to get your head examined. And please don’t apply to work at the Safeway, they’ll likely hire you.

    There are plenty of 1 bedrooms and $160k houses for sale in Anacostia without bedbugs or roaches. They even have a new coffee shop! Seriously… minutes from the orange and blue lines.

  • Sorry people, but you can still totally rent a shitty basement somewhere for that much and its gotta be better. Perhaps if you need someone to take your section 8 this is an option?

  • I lived in the Woodner 1995 – 1999). I chose it over Georgian Towers for location and a couple of buildings on CT Ave to save $. A studio was $500ish in the Woodner vs. The Georgian towers $700. Looking back I am so glad I did not take on the extra student loan debt to live elsewhere. (My girlfriend at the time actually had a more severe roach problem in her apt on CT ave and she paid much more rent. I married her so her debt is now my debt anyway) In the late 90s the Woodner was full of old people, recent immigrants, students, Mormons on missions and interns especially during the summer. The best things about the Woodner in ’95 they still had 9 months leases for students and they had the Van Ness Metro shuttle.

    I would not pay $875 to live there. That said even if the place is rough a lot of people call the building home because that is what they can afford. I don’t know about calling it a slum and then laughing about it. Classy Bunch you attract PoP.

  • So just wondering – how many roaches do people find tolerable? It is a city after all – one a day? one a week?

    I rent out a condo in an older building – 30 units – most recently renovated and well kept up, and the building has regular spraying and intensive roach control, but there are 2 apts. that have chronic infestation, so everyone in the building is probably going to see one or two crawlers a week – do you consider that horrible? Tolerable?

    I once lived at 22nd & N, put my glass of juice down and picked it up a minute later to find 2 roaches doing laps. Dated a guy in a swank Kalorama rowhouse apt. where you turned on the stove and 50 roaches (no lie – I used to scoop them up with a spatula and drop them in a greased jar) would swarm out.

    So – what’s the acceptable roach quotient?

    • absolutely no roaches ever is acceptable. the end.

    • i have seen exactly zero roaches, mice, or rats in my 8 years in ledroit park.

      i thank our feral cats for the lack of mice and rats. roaches, i guess i can probably thank the fact that for many years half the houses around here were boarded up so no food to eat for them…

    • A couple bugs a week is OK.

      Scooping them up every time you turn on your stove? The slum house my friends and I rented in college wasn’t even that bad.

  • I lived at the Woodner for several months in 1980 while a college intern. What memories – and it hasn’t changed much!

  • Bed bugs = not worth any price. I’m totally serious, read some people’s stories here: I had a pretty minor infestation in Baltimore and it turned my life inside out for a couple of months.

    As far as roaches, I’m fine with seeing 1-2 every once and a while. Picking up roaches with a spatula is unacceptable to me.

  • More than anything, the studios (for which they have apleanty) at The Woodnner very are tiny, which makes the $875 a total rip. To put it in perspective, if you put a queen sized bed in that room, there’s only two feet between the bed and the kitchen area.

  • I have lived at the woodner for about 6years to really put things in to perspective yes i wish they would upgrade the building,I love the new laundry room but the hallways can be fixed maybe new carpet fresh paint as far as management I like the property manger I like the maintenance they come and fix all my workorder tickets so i have seens roaches but its all on how you live? NEVER HAD BEDS BUGS!!!!!!!!for me it works price and location thanks to that TARGET & GREENLINE adams morgan, petworth, downtown

  • I have lived at the woodner for the past 3 years and have NEVER seen a bedbug. Granted I have seen few roaches, but in my apartment it has been far from an infestation and whenever I have called them to spary they have. I have a great view of Rock Creek park and maintenance is pretty on top of work order tickets. It’s hard to find a place under $1000 in the area so I’m pretty happy there. Yeah, it could use a few upgrades but when you have 3000 people in the building I think it’s ok.

  • Basically, everything described above comes with city-living (murders, bugs, catcalling, etc.). If you don’t like it, than get the hell out of my town and buy an ivory tower in fairfax.

    The woodner is decent living and not a monkey house full of tropical hoodlums, as some deem it here.

  • Yes there was a murder there this past year. Poor girl/owner of the pizza rest. (I won’t name) on U Street. I’ve never heard anything nice about this place. Cheap or not, safety first!

  • The Woodner is 3/4 mile from the Columbia Heights metro station. If you are into exercise walking, it is a 10-minute walk, but at an average walking pace, it is more like 15 mins. The woodner is beyond the commercial and streetlife of Columbia Heights and Mt Pleasant, so it feels even more remote. It does have good bus access though, and great views. $875 is a good price for a studio.

  • Anyplace with 3000 people living there is going to have murder, bugs, etc. I don’t know if this place has more than any other place its. Impossible to say since I believe it is the largest apartment building in DC. Not exactly fair to compare it to smaller buildings.

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