Petworth Getting a Farmers Market


We’ve been discussing this possibility since February of 2008. At long last we have got the good word. Thanks to a reader for the heads up. In the back of the ANC4C Newsletter (that comes with the Current) they write:

“Plans have been announced for a Petworth Farmers Market on 9th Street NW between Taylor and Upshur, to be held on Thursdays from 2-7pm starting in spring. Interested sponsors, vendors and volunteers should contact PetworthMarket (at) gmail (dot) com.”

Finally!!! Though how many people will be able to patronize the market during these hours on Thursdays?

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  • Exciting! BUT (and this is a big ‘but’) I hate the date and time (as I will never be able to make it.) Why not on a Saturday or Sunday?

  • Yeah, that is a terrible time.

    Either way, I’ll believe it when I see it. Still haven’t seen any sign of that fabled Columbia Heights farmers market yet.

  • Personally, I love the day and time, because I’m rarely able to make it out of the house before 12 on a saturday.

    But I understand why it would be inconvenient for others.

  • working from home FTW. I’m guessing we get a random time because most of the farmers who do dc markets already have saturdays and sundays booked at established farmers markets.

  • DC already has a plethora of Saturday markets (like the Mt. Pleasant one) so it actually makes a lot of sense to have one that is open on a different day.

  • As long as there is good stuff left after 6:00 p.m., it’s fine with me. Will there be any kind of relationship with Yes! Market, given that it is right across the street? I think the Whole Foods on P Street still hosts a farmer’s market…

  • “Though how many people will be able to patronize the market during these hours on Thursdays?”

    There are a lot of students, stay at home moms, senior citizens, lazy people who dont want to wake up on a saturday morning, hippies who are stoned, sluts who are doing the walk of shame etc etc… who can finally go and purchase some organic fresh farmers market produce!

  • i will totally hit this on the way home on Thursdays after work. I totally dig that it’s not on a Saturday – crowds, ew. 😉

  • I get home at 7:30. Oh well, guess I’ll have to go back to the one in Adams Morgan on Saturdays. Maybe I can sign up for a delivery of boxed produce by one of the famers.

  • For those of us that work from home this is a no brainer.

  • Are there any farmers markets nearby that operate on Sunday afternoons?

  • Great news — although weekends might be better. I will try and go every week.

  • I’d probably be willing to leave work early to make it sometimes. When I did a semester in Athens (Greece, not Georgia), their farmers markets were called laiki, and they were in different neighborhoods every day of the week. I was lucky enough that on Tuesday mornings it was on my street. So 7am every Tuesday, there I was! I thought it was the coolest things, so I’m glad we’re catching on!

  • Very good! Mt Pleasant isn’t far away for the Saturday morning farmer’s market shoppers

  • It is good to have a farm market in the neighborhood, and it is a good location. I hope it is sucessful.

    My concern is that the day and time is opposite both the farm markets in Penn Quarter and the new “White House” market on Vermont Ave NW.

    Being directly opposite both of those markets may limit potental vendors.

  • When does it start? January/February doesn’t seem too likely.

  • It seems like a great time, day, and location to me.

  • This is very exciting! Farmers Markets bring so much life and energy to communities. Petworth will definitely benefit from this addition, and will help make Petworth even more attractive to buyers.

  • I really hope this happens!

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