Patty Boom Boom Opens on U Street Thursday Night!


Back in May ’08 we first heard about Patty Boom Boom located at 1359 U Street, NW. This is the Jamaican themed spot owned by the folks behind Marvin. I hear they’ll have a DJ on Thursday as well. I’m looking forward to checking this spot out.


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  • Kalorini

    BTW – PoP, you’re still trekking out all day in this weather? You’ve got some touch skin and a strong will, man!

  • This is nice weather for trekking. Cold weather = riff raff stays indoors. Less traffic and fewer ruffians out.
    Patty Boom Boom – I wish them the best of luck, but that name will keep me from going there.

  • I had the beef patty on new years eve and it was sooo bad… The price was absurd tooo….Coming from a west indian that use to live in the bronx… These pattys are the pitts…. They def. need to speak with a real west indian to make better patties. Maybe people who do not know better will enjoy…I will def. try it out for the drinks though!!!! Always excited for new nightlife spots!!!

    • AGREED. I had 5 folks with me all ordering patties from beef to goat, chicken, sweet potato…all complained of DRY. no flavor…beef tasted like Taco Bell E grade with no flavor or sauce. someone said “just a little above cat food”.

      I will say that the (nonalcoholic) drink selection was diverse and the Ting is the joint. Additionally, the Asst Mgr woman was super nice and helpful. They just need a SERIOUS upgrade of the food selections. If you’re gonna do ONLY patties then you better get that right.

      So i’ll continue my Sweet Mango diet.

  • To anonymous @9:20 – thanks for the tip! I am West Indian as well and looking for a good WI place to enjoy authentic food. I was excited to see this post, until I saw your review. Will avoid. Are there any other places to recommend?

  • Brown’s Georgia Ave – best beef patties!!!

  • West Indian Market-Deli on Lincoln Street is cheap and good.

  • Second Brown’s – best patties (esp. the cocktail patties) in the District followed by Tropicana (Florida Ave. and Shepherd Park locations).

  • I hope they can meke a real Charley Johnson patty and any real west Indian will know what I am sayin!

  • Been to Tropicana’s and love the patties. Unfortunately I bought some curried chicken there once (a large pan for a dinner function), and half of the chicken was not cooked properly. That kind of turned me off. I was surprised because I had gotten food from there before with no problem.

  • I LOOOOOOVE Ting! Love it!

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