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  • I think the mini credit card meters are better. if only because they will be less confusing to people who haven’t encountered these types of machines

  • Do both machines print out receipts?

  • It depends on which design permits collection of a pound of flesh.

  • ah

    On the other hand, it seems rather inefficient (i.e. expensive) to install these units for each space, as opposed to one for the entire block.

  • yeah, the problem with Big Green is that sometimes you put in money and the thing neither gives you a ticket or gives you back your money.

  • I agree with imchav – the mini ones are better. When the big green boxes first came out I got a ticket because I didn’t realize it was still metered (probably dumb of me not to notice, but still…)

    Of course if we could collect that parking ticket money from out of towners and tourists, then I’m all for it. I’d rather they double the cost of meters for out of state license plates.

  • From a cost perspective, it has to be retardedly expensive to put a CC swipe meter in every spot. This can’t be a good move for the city’s budget. While it’s kind of a PITA to walk a half a block to the meter stations, I think it’s going to be much cheaper for installation and maintenance.

    As for less confusing…we’re talking about DC here. The average American can’t even figure out a map of the Mall and apparently doesn’t believe in your right to vote. I say screw ’em.

  • The advantage of the big green one is that you can fit more cars onto the same block. If you have individual meters, then they have to make the spaces large enough for SUVs/big cars, where you could possibly fit an extra car or two if some of the cars are small.

  • I see these things getting vandalized in short order, like the green ones. A lot of them are constantly broken. It’s unfortunate that we don’t live in a society that is civilized enough to know better than to destroy public property like this.

  • I have the worst experiences with the green machines. I like being able to use a credit card, but sometimes they charge you without allowing you to add more time and other times they just haven’t worked. At least when the small meters dont work you can call and report them and park for free.

    • “At least when the small meters dont work you can call and report them and park for free.”

      Really? I didn’t know you could do this. What number do you call? I always thought that you’d get a ticket for parking on a broken meter.

  • what was wrong with the OLD meters?

    • I’m guessing that once you make parking so expensive, the meters fill up with coins so fast that it becomes cost prohibitive to pay someone to empty them frequently enough.

    • ah

      Not to mention people get annoyed with having to carrying around whole roles of quarters. Cash is old and busted. E-money is hip and fresh.

    • To park for 2 hours now you need 16 quarters…most people don’t have a purse that large. At least i don’t.

  • I noticed the other day that meters in Dupont are now active until 10pm on weekdays, but only until 6:30pm on Saturdays. What could possibly be the rationale for this? If anything, parking should be much more expensive on a Saturday night. I’m afraid these new meters are going to have the effect of limiting the number of people who want to come to DC on a weeknight, and not taking care of the parking problem on weekends.

    What we need are meters with variable fees by day of the week and time of day. Parking should be cheap (but not necessarily free) on a Tuesday night and expensive on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • You call 311 and give the meter number. You need to keep the transaction number in case you still get ticketed. Also leave a note under your windshield wipers that the meter is broken.

    • There’s also a toll free number on the meter that you can call to report the broken meter.
      Careful though; this doesn’t always work…I’ve been ticketed & turned down on appeal for a meter that “reset” itself and magically started working sometime between leaving my car & a meter reader arriving(apparently this is common). Beware… not much you can do but complain to the Mayor’s office (done) and write a nasty letter on appeal #2. Oh yeah, and pay the ticket. Boo.

  • I like these prototype/small meters because they still allow me to lock my bicycle to them. When DDOT put in the big multispace meters they pulled out all the old parking meters and didn’t put any additional bike racks in like many other jurisdictions did when they made the switch.

    The only downside I can see to the small credit card-reading meters is that I wouldn’t be surprised if criminals start finding a way to affix card-skimmers to these things soon.

  • The big greens suck for us motorcyclists. Where exactly can we put that stupid ticket where it won’t blow away or get yoinked by the guy parking in the next spot over?

    • I asked DDOT a year ago about the motorcycle issue with the multispace meters, but never got a response. I just don’t pay, and the only time I ever got a ticket the Parking Enforcement person entered my tag info wrong so I just threw it away.

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