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  • Reminds me of the main villian from the movie Ultraviolet.

  • If I saw a picture like this of myself, I would immediately go trim my nose hair.

  • Yeah – don’t get it. Perhaps it’s just that the online reproduction eliminates any interesting lighting or contrast that would make this more than just a close up snapshot of a guy looking kind of lousy on a rotten cold day? Everyone looks pretty bad in a snowstorm. And worse with a nasal bush, so seems actually kind of mean to post this as some kind of artsy photo. We’ve had some good shots on this site (and some crap) and I’d like to see a higher standard.

  • @ Victoria – Yeah, you don’t get it.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Photography is art. Some people get it some don’t. That’s cool. I’m sure you’ve been to some museums and liked some pieces and didn’t like others. That is life. Not every piece of art speaks to people the same way or at all. The eye of the beholder and all…

    I happen to find this shot haunting. Look at how expressive the eyes are. It’s a great shot in my opinion.

  • I like looking at pictures, and I’m fairly talented at taking a well-composed photograph (still use my father’s old Canon AE-1 from the 70s!), but I still don’t think of photography as art. Above we have a fairly unflattering photo of an… interesting looking fellow, yet we’re told it’s “ART!!!” What if we’re told it was a still from a cold-medicine campaign? Would it still be ART, or just commercial photography?

    I guess it boils down to the fact that I would never pay for a picture that I could make myself. Since I can’t paint, I guess I will have to pay for a nice oil painting.

  • JohnnyReb…photography isn’t art? I think you just won the “comment you will be embarrassed about in the morning” award.

    • No, I’m sure I’ll sleep just fine, thanks. I’m sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. I guess I’m old-fashioned in that I like my art to be 200 years old, painted with oil, and be a nice landscape or portrait of an ancestor. Sorry I don’t agree with you. Burn me on a cross, Becky.

  • Yeah I think this photo is pretty intriguing, and I’m not one of those “oh man look at those brush strokes” people – if I like it, I like it, but not for the sake of liking art [if that made sense}

    It’s one of those photos you can’t stop looking at, and to be honest I didn’t even realize there was a snowstorm at first.

    Good work!

  • Some photography is art, some isn’t. And the ease of taking snapshots now with digital really muddies it all – a hundred monkeys probably won’t really come up with Hamlet, but they can easily come up with a few good pictures.

    But as I pointed out, not everything reproduces well online, so it is often hard to tell here. Maybe this picture has some depth or contrast that just doesn’t show up here.

    Composition – eh. Yeah, the rheumy eyed stare might capture some – but it isn’t “The Old man and the sea” – it’s just a face on a cold day when everyone looks pretty bad in a snowstorm. Anyone could take 100 snaps of random faces and come up with one that is “haunting.”

    Just not buying it. But so what.

  • i agree with the nasal bush nay sayers… it ruins the shot for me. i doubt the intent of the portrait is to advertise this mans need for a trim, but if thats what the majority of your audience is seeing rather than your planned vision, then you cant really blame the rest of us for being stupid or not artsy fartsy enough. i love portraiture and i love seeing it here on pop, but i hate how matt dunn comes off so condescending and pompous whenever someone dares to criticize his work or editing. guess what buddy…youre not the only person in dc with an art degree/background/passion.

  • I can’t even look at that picture. The nose bush grosses me out. If you want to say it’s art because it got a reaction out of me then fine, you win. Just don’t make me look at it again.

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