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  • Went there a few years back w/ the wife. The Lobster Risotto was unbelievable. One of those meals I still remember fondly even after all this time.

  • GREAT happy hour. Used to be all wines under $100 were half-price at happy hour, Monday-Friday. But from that sign it appears they’ve changed it. Still seems a good deal, as their wine list is pretty extensive. Perhaps they’ve limited the wine because my wife and her work cronies were cleaning them out at happy hour.

    They also have a pretty good bar menu that’s much cheaper than their regular menu, and good bartenders.

  • wait- all the wine you can drink in 4 hours for $20? That’s a GD. I’m sure it’s their least expensive stuff, still, I would go just for that.

  • the name makes be think of a nice pair of well tanned mammies (“golden teats”) … combine it with $20 all-you-can-drink wine, and The Situation is win/win!

  • I love Teatro, and it’s only gotten better over the years. The frequency with which I go there has definitely decreased now that I don’t work around the corner, but if I have to be in the area, Teatro is still on the top of my list of favorites at which to have lunch or dinner.

    The risotto (and yes, the lobster is a standout) is the best in the city. Almost makes me miss the days when my standard lunch rotation was Teatro, Galileo and the Palm. Almost.

  • I had a godawful meal here once. The tortellini was clearly a frozen pre-fab product, the vegetables were out of season and mushy, and the service was incredibly intrusive. The waiter actually joined in our conversations as he was leaning all the way across the table (instead of walking around) to top up wine glasses and such. The line between “attentive” and “please let me eat in peace” is not THAT fine. All in all, we were pretty unhappy with the experience vis a vis the price.

  • We went here for a special occasion dinner on a Saturday night the weekend before Xmas. Place was half empty. Food was very good to excellent, and the service was professional, which is what one would expect in light of the pricing (quite expensive). A few dishes were spectacular, but the food quality was still a notch below really great meals we had in 2009 at equally high-end establishments such as Source and J&G Steakhouse. One off-putting aspect of our experience there was the music. While Italy has produced some great music over the years, it has never been known for its rock. And hearing “Eve of Destruction” sung in Italian (not to mention the unforgettable “Fuoco Nel Fuoco,” as identified by Shazam) did not enhance our dining experience.

  • It used to be middling-to-good Italian for years, but their new chef (Enzo Fargione) is pumping out what may be the best Italian in the city right now at his chef’s table, tasting menu only. Seriously. Might make you forget Roberto Donna ever existed.

  • I went very recently and my food was so salty that it was inedible. The service was terrible. I can’t believe this gets any positive reviews.

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