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Georgetown Cafe is located at 1623 Wisconsin Ave NW. This looks like an awesome late night spot which was confirmed by some folks over at Yelp. But I’m wondering for those who’ve been there – is it better for Middle Eastern food or breakfast/diner type food?

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  • horrid. wretched. would rather starve than eat there.

    and i’ve been there countless times.

    when you’re in high school and want to stay up late its ok.

    when you’re an adult and know what disgusting slop is? not ok.

  • In highschool. before the days of The Diner and Amsterdam Falaf etc. We used to drunk drive from adams morgan to gtown to eat here. good times. though now that I am older and wiser I no longer drink and drive.

  • on an early saturday morning, there was really nothing else within walking distance open, so i tried this place…
    i liked that no one else was in there (after 2 cops left), i could read my book without being bothered, and the guy working was nice enough (though disappeared for a long time).

    but my omelette was not good.

    that’s my only experience, and really all that i have to say.

  • Georgetown has become a collection of chain retail stores and crap fast food eating.

  • These people are thieves. I came in with an open heart and an empty stomach. I left without my dignity. And still, an empty stomach. NEver again.

  • lots of hate towards gtown cafe! i love that place! morning noon or night, georgetown cafe does greasy right. i’d recommend the diner stuff

  • Back when The Saloon was in Georgetown I’d go there and get ripped, then find my way up to the Georgetown Cafe.
    Always had good food and a good time there.

  • Yup. Late-night college dive for greasy food and hot coffee. Zero reason to go out of your way to go there, though.

  • the only places in georgetown worth eating are leopolds and cafe milano, and both of these places know it and are overpriced by a lot. ok, bonaparte is pretty good too. and filomena is hilarious. but otherwise, all crapola.

    Captcha: Mr rumbles

  • Ah the PLO Cafe. Yes an un-PC name, but that’s what we used to call it back in the early 90s when I was just out of college and living in G’town (hey we all make mistakes in our youth). It was great late at night after some seriously stupid drinking. Haven’t been there in a least 13 years, so no idea how it is now. Sounds like it might be more or less the same based on some comments above. I hope so!


    I had an absolutely horrendous experience at the Georgetown Cafe. I had been there before and knew that their food was terrible, but a group of friends decided to go around midnight in December. As everyone was preparing to leave, I went to the restroom, leaving $5 on the table to cover my $2.50 bill. When I returned, the money was gone and I assumed the staff had taken it. While we were trying to settle the bill, the man behind the counter insisted that we hadn’t paid for my home fries. Clearly, I had. Rather than make it a big deal, my friend put the home fries on his credit card, making this the 2nd time we’ve paid for them. The man then tried to claim that one of their chicken finger baskets was “uh… $20.” False. He was stealing from a group of college kids who by default would lose that argument to the police. After paying the $20, the man had the nerve to claim that we still hadn’t paid for my home fries and called the police when we tried to leave. The kitchen staff jumped out from behind the counter to block us from leaving and wouldn’t allow us to leave until I threw another $5 in their faces (the 3rd time paying for the home fries).

    Worst food I’ve ever eaten at a diner and the place is full of thieves. I’m never returning and I urge everyone else to boycott as well.

  • I miss Au Pied du Cochon. That was my go-to late night spot in Georgetown for years. Now I’m too old to need a late night spot. Bah.

  • au pied was a great spot. finished the evening there many a time with a guinness and french onion soup. but yeah, gtown cafe only in college and 3am. never got robbed there or harassed by staff so i’ll consider myself lucky. and actually, looking back on it, the food was terrible.

  • It was fun reading all the comments’zaccahea of

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