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  • 15 ria was the first restaurant my husband and I went to when we moved into the District several years ago. It was so disappointing and expensive for the quality we received, we were concerned that all restaurants were going be this bad.

  • When Jamie Leeds (Hank’s Oyster Bar) was chef there a few year back, it was very good, but once she left, it just returned to being a pedestrian hotel restaurant.

  • It is okay, nothing to write home about. It is the typical hotel restaurant and shouldn’t be taken too seriously by any DC resident looking for a good meal.

  • I agree with ReneeB – I last ate there about 2 or 3 years ago and it was awful. I went for dinner and the place was empty (that should have been my first clue). The service was as bad as the food and we left a meager tip.

    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, especially when Nage is so close.

  • what is this nage you speak of?

  • I went to Nage (http://www.nagerestaurant.com/washington_dc/index.htm) last year for Restaurant Week. Pretty darn good from what I remember.

  • Went here about 4 years ago for brunch whne I didn’t know where to go for brunch. Nothing special. Dead as doornail ambience. I usually like hotel restaurant/bars
    that are not crowded for brunch, but this one was meh.

  • pcat

    15 Ria has been going downhill for several years now. I last nad a meal there about 2 months ago, because Nage was closed and we needed something close by. The food was totally inedible. Even the bar was lousy. I can’t understand how the restaurant can stay open.

  • 15 Ria = dont waste your time…go over to 14th street and check out one of the dozen new joints on the strip there.

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