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  • I wonder what it is they started writing in Arabic over the guy’s head, and then stopped mid-word.

  • Props for the Greek getting the boldest spot. It was good practice for me. And proves I’m back to only semi-literate in Greek. Ti na kanoume? (that’s Greek for what can we do?)

  • My friend J painted that. He’s known for his murals (a couple of them are in Eatonville) He lives above that liqour store. You can see some of his work (inlcuding that mural before it was finished) on his blog:


  • It’s Dr. Manhattan!

  • I don’t know about the other languages but the Chinese characters make no sense. The first three means “wine”; the fifth “bottle”; but all six together, no clue to a native Chinese speaker. Is it Japanese?

  • POP, you should have stopped in. I was going to email you when it was finished. I know you like murals. It’s complete now. Did you translate the quote?

    @CHP, the Arabic had to be done over. It is there now.

    @anon 1:06pm, I had a neighbor whom is Chinese look at the lettering and he said it is correct. Only the character for bottle, as he told me means milk bottle. He put it together and got the quote.

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