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  • Hey, I thought that house was either up for sale or recently sold. However I could not find a listing on Redfin. Would be cool to see more of this odd house.

  • This house is so strange. The second story is so ornate and the first level is so plain.

  • I believe that the first story used to be a liquor store back in the mid 90’s if this is the place on Lincoln I’m thinking of. That would explain the painfulness of the first floor. The store’s front entrance was bicked up and covered with the lattice work.

  • Toured this place with my agent when it was for sale–interesting. Quasi-separate unit downstairs, very open plan upstairs. Mostly redone. Carriage house/garage in back with a hobbit-sized second floor. I was tempted to buy if only for the sweet turret from which to play Rapunzel.

  • I bike by this every morning on my way to work. It did indeed formerly have a store space on the first floor with the door where the lattice now is, but its last business tenant had gone before I started riding by. I watched the renovation, hoping for a little more imagination in the conversion of the store space than materialized — but anything keeping the turret in place can’t go too wrong. (Yes, such buildings have had turrets and bays torn off, and worse. Thank whatever deities may be that didn’t happen here.)

  • @Andy – Yeah, the place was on the market but sold for like $430K, $470K, something like that.

    I had also planned to check it out but ended up buying another house before I could. I wish there were pictures up to give an idea of what the interior looks like.

  • That’s my house! Ha. We just moved here recently and as a first-time homebuyer I can tell you renovation is painful. Eckington is a nice little hidden secret of DC but I would really like to boycott the polluting FedEx trucks. Anyone have ideas on new paint colors?

  • how about a nice tan color with dark blue/black trim?

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