Dear PoP – Anyone Know of Some State of the Union Parties/Deals?

Winter Capitol
Photo from PoPville flickr user Crosb

For some reason I feel like Stetsons on U Street has some good State of the Union watching. Any other suggestions?

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  • The current state of the union isn’t anything to party about…unless you’re drinking pain away!

  • State of the Union party?!?! Jeesh, you gotta get outta DC for a while.

    Put down the tomes on global policy and international alliance building – or whatever the F – and go to a Superbowl party, or an underwear party, or a key party (Google it), or a hash party or some-such.
    Man, I thought *I* was boring.

  • Ventnor on 18th Street is having a State of the Union party.

  • Key parties… very “Ice Storm”.

  • @Bungieboy, what’s with all the hate for SOTU parties? And, personally, I think a combined SOTU and underwear party is a truly exceptional idea…

    Politics and Prose usually has something going on. Probably the Hawk and Dove will, too.

  • Sorry, I just couldn’t think of a more boring thing to wrap a party around… unless you all wanna come over for a raucous good time and listen to me read aloud from my old college textbooks?

    Watch the SOTU? Sure.
    Gather with friends and call it a ‘party’ while doing so? No way.

    • Are you new in town, or something? People have been having SOTU viewing parties here for as long as I can remember. You know you live in DC, right?

  • We always have a great party at Ventnor Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan! You you get here you pick a word and everytime Obama say’s it it’s $1 Shots…We always seem to have a great time!

  • You know they’ll be watching and moaning and groaning at Tonic.

  • At least some of us in this city are into politics and like an excuse to party. For those who are, I got an email saying that Local 16 will be having a watch party.

  • A lot of hoity toities watch from the bar at the Capital Grille on Penns. Ave. That hasn’t changed since Clinton was president.
    701 penn. bar is also a possibility.

  • Just heard that Tunnicliff’s across from Eastern Market will have 1/2 off Jack Daniels for the SOTU.

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