Warder and Irving Building Update


A number of readers have written in inquiring what’s going on here. Back in September a reader heard it was going to be a corner/grocery store. But more recently I’ve been hearing it’s going to be residences and maybe an office. Well, it’s been painted and I promise to update as more info becomes available. If anyone who lives near there has any more info please add to the comments.

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  • That’s Intangible Corner, and while I don’t know anything official, the look of the place supports the notion of a medical office or some such.

    Looks like they’re doing decent work in there. Sure I’d love it if it were something I’d use personally (corner store etc) but it’s definitely far better to have it fixed up and serving SOMEBODY rather than being the rotting thing it was.

    Also, the tagger(s) can burn in hellfire and herpes-infested ostrich-fat, dirty f*ckin’ rat-humpers, don’t punish these people for doing something decent…

  • at least the taggers had the good sense to tag the plywood, which will knowingly come down at one point.

    tagging brick is a different story.

    the taggers musta been some mid life crisis yuppies sowin’ they’re “gangsta” oats in a place that doesn’t really matter.

  • They had nailed the brick at first. It’s been painted over. Hence the vitriol. God I love the word “vitriol.”

  • i was told by a neighbor who spoke to people working there that it is going to be a real estate office.

  • According to the permits on the door, it is *supposed* to be used as a single family residence. I also heard rumors that it would be a construction office.

  • A decent conveniece store/coffee place would have been nice; then I’d have no need to go to those ghetto places on Ga. Ave. Waiting for commercial-retail change up there is futile.

    ProfChris lives up there too and we were of the opinion when we saw all the residential stuff going in there that this was some group home for immigrants, under the guise of commercial development?

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