PoP Pho Patrol – Pho Viet Opening Thursday at 3513 14th Street, NW!


I received the greatest email this weekend from Manager Phi Nguyen announcing the grand opening of Columbia Heights’ newest Pho spot this Thursday. It turns out the name will be Pho Viet and I stopped by on Sunday to take some sneak peek photos (though there was a bit of finishing touches still going on).


It’s relatively small but actually much bigger than I initially thought. It looks like it will be able to sit around 25 or 30. The manager was super nice and encourages any patrons to make recommendations that they’d like to see. So the grand opening is Thursday and those dining in from the 17th – 20th will receive a 20% discount to celebrate the opening. You can see their take out menu below (the dine in menu was still being finalized though I imagine it won’t be too different):

carry out menu–Pho Viet

Most of the Pho is $7.50 and most other options are in the $7-$8 range. I can’t wait to try this place out and see how it compares to Pho 14 on Park Road.

Pho Viet is located at 3513 14th Street, NW (at Parkwood Place) and will be open Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 9:30pm; Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10:30pm; and Sunday: 10am – 8:30pm: Closed Monday. Delivery will be available with a $15 minimum (202-629-2839).


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  • houseintherear

    Um – “their” takeout menu. Sorry PoP.

  • Two Vietnamese places in Columbia Heights? We have arrived!
    But the big question is, besides how good is the food compared to Nam-Viet in Woodley, is…do they DELIVER to Petworth?

  • I’m looking forward to the new spot. Pho 14 is always packed–it’ll be nice ot have another option. I’m not crazy about the decor or setting. It looks like a hospital cafeteria.

    Question for PoP readers- is all Pho made with beef broth? This new restuarant doesn’t offer a veggie/tofu or chicken option.

  • Yeah, Hope they have a lot of vegetarian options!!!

  • I picked up a menu yesterday – I’m excited about the place, but there’s pretty much no veggie stuff. All the pho is beef, and almost all of the rice/noodle dishes are meat. I’m hoping they’ll make veggie rice/noodle dishes to order. Veggie pho might not be possible though if they’re working with beef broth.

  • Anyone figured out if these are the same people who run the (crappy) pho joint in cleveland park?

  • Two Pho and no (non-bullet-proof-glass) Chinese, Japanese, or Korean? If we can support two Pho places and a Thai place, we DEFINITELY are crying out for some good Chinese or Japanese … please!!!

  • Yeah, the decor is a little bowling alley-esque, but it might look different when seen in while.

  • @New2CH:

    Adam Express has some good Korean and there’s no bulletproof glass involved. Just a very, very sweet old couple running the place and cooking your food to order.

  • New2CH makes an interesting point… how come you never see really *nice* Chinese restaurants? Thai restaurants are always works of art (sometimes over-decorated) but Chinese restaurants are invariably holes-in-the-walls. I guess Meiwah is an exception, but it’s pretty rare to see an “upscale” Chinese place.

  • CHeightsdude, veggie Pho has been tried before by the occasional chef with mushrooms and the like, but the broth is one of those simmer-meats-like-oxtail-for-hours-and-hours concoctions, so you couldn’t really make a vegetarian version that tastes anything similar/authentic. Andrea Nguyen actually discussed it on that recent Kojo show on Vietnamese cuisine. Chicken pho exists, but even that flavor profile’s totally different.

  • “Upscale” Chinese places are to be avoided if you care about food.

  • Yeah, unfortunately for all the veggie eaters out there, finding something vegetarian at a Pho place is like getting something vegetarian from a butcher shop.

  • Expecting vegetarian options from a Pho place is akin to expecting a vegetarian option at KFC. Possible, but stupid.

  • yeah, i had the veggie pho at pho 14 and it was kinda disappointing. guess it’s not meant to be!

  • I don’t care if a Chinese place is a hole in the wall, as long as it is semi-authentic and tasty (think Flushing in NYC). There is not one single really GOOD Chinese place in D.C., which is absolutely mind-boggling. The bullet-proof glass places are particularly egregious, and it has nothing to do with atmosphere– they are to Chinese food was McDonald’s is to Ray’s the Steaks.

    I wasn’t think of Adam Express b/c it is in Mt. Pleasant, but I agree they have good food.

  • For the record I don’t care either if the place is upscale – it just surprises me that you don’t find many Chinese places in that “niche” compared to (say) Indian, Thai, or other ethnic cuisines.

  • I think Sichuan Pavilion is actually a really good chinese restaurant for the DC area

  • I think it’s going to be a really great place. The interior has a very Vietnamese feel to it, aesthetically. And pho is good soup!

  • interesting that they don’t have chicken pho (pho ga) on the menu. usually a staple in any pho restaurant.

  • Honest question here…what is authentic Chinese food and when will I know when I am eating it? I’ve been to Meiwah and some of the hole-in-the-wall joints in Chinatown; but what is the real deal? I have seen it discussed but have not really seen an answer. I still haven’t made it to Great Wall on 14th or whatever that one is called.

  • Pho diners traditionally only serve pho. The fact that this place serves a eclectic variety lemongrass beef and eggrolls may appeal to your average Pho14 peckerwood. But I predict it to be doomed to the same mediocrity.

  • Nothing will ever replace my beloved Nam Viet in Cleveland Park but I’ve been quite pleased with Pho14 so far and look forward to seeing if this new joint can measure up. Just wish they had a slightly more expansive menu. The fact that they deliver, though, is a big plus (Nam Viet doesn’t).

  • @Anon: One problem is “chinese food” is about as relevant a term as “european food.” The cuisines across china vary wildly from place to place.. and many “authentic” dishes americans would never, ever eat it. For instance, head out to dim sum in maryland and order up some “pheonix talons” (chicken feet) and see how far you get. 🙂

  • Speaking of vegetarian options, Pho 14 actually has quite a few veggie options…and their veggie pho is actually really good!!!

  • I wish the owners the best of luck with this section of 14th. Having a liquor store next door can’t help.

    With any luck Phil Graham will work with the DC Exxon lobbyist to make sure the franchise owners of the Exxon across the street install proper fencing and 24 hour security.

    Lane Bryant in DC USA has a security guard, but the Exxon on 14th doesn’t. Boggles the mind.

  • Wow, was someone really complaining about it being cafeteria seating? I have never had bad pho in a place that has cafeteria seating. That’s how you know it’s legit.

    Also, Nam Viet in Cleveland Park sucks. it is inconceivable that anyone would prefer that to pho 14, pho 75, etc.

  • Recommend Seven Seas restaurant in Rockville (off the Pike) for your what-are-you-doing-here-round-eye-pick-out-your-fish-from-the-tank authentic cuisine. Had several great meals there hosted by a friend’s mom visiting from Hong Kong. Beef tendon, garlic lobster, giant clam, tofu etc.

  • Don’t worry too much about the decor. In southern California suburbs like Monterey Park where there are people who live their whole lives never needing to learn English (Chinese optometrist, groceries, etc.) incredible authentic Asian food can be found mostly in strip malls.

  • They don’t include tripe on the pho menu! I bit of a disappointment but will try the place out anyway.

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