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  • I love this place. The food is much better here than at the diner.

  • While 18th & U has good food, I’m a MUCH bigger fan of the incredibly good comfort food at “The Diner”; I especially prefer the comfortable atmosphere at “The Diner” as well. 18th & U seems to be more of a “see & be seen” kind of place.

  • My favorite thing about Duplex was the Hurricane Isabel party they had advertised on the marquis in 2003. It was still there 11 months later! Used to joke about it every time we walked by, wishing it would have stayed up just a couple more weeks so we could have celebrated the storm’s anniversary.

  • Although The Diner up the hill is a 24 hour free-for-all of fun, the 18th & U Diner has a great gay scene. Just ask Rep. Aaron Schock…

  • but this place is never open in the morning for breakfaast-brunch. Everytime I walk by on the weekend its closed.

  • The food here is pretty good. But I stopped going when as a straight guy, I couldn’t get service at the bar to save my life on Wed-Saturday.

  • I don’t have good enough abs or botox treatments to hang there. Am glad though to see that PoP has been “going gay” lately. Thanks!

    P.S. Not to PO the Captcha haters, but my verification is “wiemar Manhattan” which sounds like a great cocktail, a kick ass rock band or a political movement.

    • I’m not sure PoP realized he was “going gay” with this one. I think he thought it was a real diner, and its an easy enough mistake to make w/ this place (unless you actually show up to get brunch.)

  • One can eat breakfast at The Diner, but not at Duplex Diner. Lots more females at The Diner; lots more cute males at Duplex Diner. The dinner food at the two is something of a wash; both places serve respectable but not memorable fare (what does one expect from a place calling itself “Diner.”) The free pickles served in lieu of bread at Duplex Diner are first-rate, however; better than any others I’ve had in DC. (Too bad they can’t offer a corned beef sandwich to match.)

  • Too bad neither is a real diner, i.e., one that attracts a wide variety of patrons whose only common trait is the love of cheap, soul-satisfying grub 24/7.

  • What 2b3s said.

  • It’s a great place to hang out if you’re gay and want to spend a lot of money on overpriced, mediocre food. Bob Mould hangs out there a lot.

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