Is it Time For the Code Pink Shoe Memorial to Go?


The Code Pink memorial has been set up outside Busboys and Poets on 14th and V Streets, NW for quite a while. When it was originally placed there memorializing civilians killed in the Iraq war (I think) I found it very moving. But I don’t think it was ever meant to be a permanent memorial. It is looking more like an eyesore, to me, these days. What do you think – is it time for this memorial to be removed?


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  • YES! Thank you PoP. I was just saying to a friend this week that it looked like it was getting pretty nasty in there.

  • Just tell them to change the name to code green

  • Change the name to code green

  • I think it’s about time for Code Pink (the organization) to go.

  • They should remove it when the troops finally pull out of Iraq. This dumbass war was over years ago. I hope it never intended to be “permanent” either.

  • Yes indeed. Time to go. Thanks Busboys and Poets for your hospitality. Now give your customers their view back.

  • It is supposed to be nasty and make people feel grossed out because death of innocent civilians is gross. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the holocaust museum’s collection of combs and shoes.

  • Yes, lord knows we shouldn’t have our meals and drinks interrupted by a reminder that our government is still out there waging murder in our name.

  • Now that Code Pink actually supports our foreign adventures it’s just sort of awkward.

  • You know what else is an eyesore? Dead, innocent civilians. Its a display of solidarity, which doesnt take into account how badly you want an unobstructed view of 14th street as you’re chowing down on a veggie roll-up.

  • Never had any goddamned idea what the thing was supposed to represent. Clearly “code pink” and “women for peace” are evident but anything deeper than that was lost on me.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some spirited disrupters (Code Pink’s costumed demos outside the convention ctr w/GWB & Condi were rockin’), but if this shoebox is meant to say something I daresay it isn’t.

    Just one bloke’s opinion, but I say make it MUCH uglier/filthier/more shocking and clarify the message. Or remove it.

  • Listen, I’m as big of an anti-war lefty as anyone. That doesn’t mean I think mold growing in a wet stack of shoes outside a restaurant is helping the cause.

    I get that it’s supposed to make people feel grossed out because death of innocent civilians is gross. A CLEAN pile of shoes would do that. An old, moldly pile just feels lazy, like even the protestors aren’t paying attention any more.

  • I thought it was donated clothes, so it’s making more sense to me now. I say keep it. We don’t have nearly enough things in this country that mock war.

  • This should have gone long ago. It is one thing to memorialize the civilians who have died in Iraq it is another to create a memorial of shoes that alludes to the famous memorial of shoes at the national Holocaust Museum. To compare the actions on the U.S. in Iraq to the genocide and massacre of those involved in the Holocaust is disgusting and unconscionable.

    • Why/ Does the Holocaust have dibs on senseless murder?

      • No one involved in the Holocaust called ‘dibs’ on senseless murder. I’m sure the millions of them that were murdered would have loved to live their lives out without persecution, torture, and death and not had ‘dibs’

  • i also thought that this was a donation box, and that the patrons of busboys and poets were VERY giving since it was always filled up! this seems like another version of the ‘ghost bike’ memorial, or any stuffed animal/liquor bottle memorial… it has its time and place, but at the end of the day it doesnt mean as much to anyone else as it does to the family/artist/organization that installed it. take it down already!

  • PLEASE PLEASE get rid of that thing. SO gross. i get it and like the point, but the actual installation was poorly concepted for outdoor placement. i live on the block and have always hated walking by it, as much as that horrible TV that was on the electric box awhile back. also, isnt that considered DC city space? is busboys even ALLOWED to put stuff in those spaces without renting from the city and having neighborhood approval?

  • Do people really take Code Pink seriously anymore? Exhibit 1 of thousands, here:

    Remove it.

  • Speaking of spontaneous memorials… it seems as if the teddy-bear tree on 14th around Newton has popped up again. Wasn’t it gone for a while? It was all new this weekend… fresh flowers, candles, stuffed animals. Was there a new death, or is this an anniversary?

  • Think about all the innocent young people who died while wearing those shoes and then get back to me about how it’s interrupting your overpriced cocktail and annoying beat poetry.

  • WDC, I found out that it is for the anniversary of Chino who was stabbed a year ago at the store nearby. Some Bell kids were adding to it the other day.

  • You people are sole-less…. Ahahahaahhhaaaahahaha!

  • So let me get this straight – if you go out to a restaurant for a meal or a drink you aren’t allowed to have an opinion about what is put on the sidewalk? Oh, right, that’s how the extreme left works.

    Yes, let’s lecture people on a blog about being insensitive toward a box of shoes. Yeah — that will help end the bloodshed in Iraq.

  • It’s gross. Find a better way to make this worthwhile point without a plexiglass box of rotting shoes.

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