Going – Van Ness Loses a Taco Bell and a Mechanic


Granted I don’t frequently visit the Taco Bell in Van Ness but I always liked knowing it was there…

I also really liked the mechanic next door but I guess since I sold my car this development doesn’t really hit me too hard…


I will miss that Taco Bell though, I had some good times/memories there.

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  • Taco Bell will be missed, although it would’ve been cooler with a drive-thru.

  • Kalorini

    Don’t care about Taco Bell, but that gas station was pathetic. Their credit card machines were always broken, but their “mini-mart” was too creepy to step into, even during the daytime. Good riddance, here here Zuckerman!

    • Their credit card machine wasn’t broken – this was a ‘cash only’ operation. I had a soft spot for them as a kid since it was one of the few places in that part of town that would sell me smokes when I was under age. Also they recycled used motor oil, which was nice since I change my own oil in the motorcycle 3x a year. I actually kinda hope another gas station goes in there so it doesn’t become some EPA superfund site as they try to dig out the who-knows-how-old underground tanks.

  • I recommend Douglas Auto Repair on Swann between 15th and 14th Street NW.

  • Aaaaahh! Please please change “looses” to “loses”.

  • I hope a Taco Bell will be opening somewhere else in the area.

  • Hopefully this means that projects more suitable to this prime, close-to-metro location will be built (greater density, non-automotive focused). The area around the Van Ness is woefully underutilized.

  • Unfortunately, nothing positive is going in. The gas station will be a new Wallgreens pharmacy (like we need another one with CVS on the next block) and the taco bell building is not slated for any redevelopment. There was some delay with the Wallgreens because they needed special approval because they didn’t have enough parking, but they submitted a redesign which allows for a decent amount of parking below ground underneath the store.

    • Walgreens is way better than CVS. Just because you’re okay with the crappiness that is CVS, doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

  • If I get my way…UDC will be a thing of the past at this metro stop.

  • Zuckerman- You sound like a real winner. Just my two cents.

  • Taco Bell/KFC was convenient enough to make me like it…epescially when working at Revolution Records…gas station was perfect for late-night cig runs, albeit they sometimes screwed you and were very crooked.

  • Bummer…I used to recycle my oil there. Anyone know any place to dispose of used motor oil?


    • I now recycle oil at Arlington Exxon on the corner of Lee Hwy and North Military. It’s on the way to the Advance Auto Parts out there, which is way better BTW than any of the ones here.

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