Dear PoP – Fire at 16th & Monroe St NW


Thanks to all the readers who sent the word about this incident. Following is the most specific though another reader wrote that seven fire trucks were on the scene:

“Dear PoP,

There was an apartment fire at 16th & Monroe Streets tonight at 7:30 p.m. A corner unit on the second floor looks substantially damaged.

The apartment building has a DHCD sign in front, but I believe it is a Coop. The building needs much repair and am hoping the fire is not indicating that the electrical system is going bad for the whole building. Can you tell us what a DHCD sign in front means? When was it was sold to the owners, do they have an obligation to keep up the building in good repair, can they refuse people of certain incomes/races from moving in? What does the DHCD designation mean? Does DHCD follow up with buildings like this to see if they are being maintained or kept in good order? Does Jim Graham know or care about these types of building that aren’t being maintained in the neighborhood?”

Can anyone explain the significance of a DHCD sign?

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  • DHCD means its under the Housing and Community Development Program. The tennants are probably trying to buy the building and/or are eligible for the low income housing tax credit program and are trying to rehab the building.

  • Wow, leap away author. There was a fire. Ergo it was an electrical fire. Ergo the electrical fire was because of improper maintenance. Ergo the entire building is dangerous. Ergo Councilman Graham doesn’t care.


    Seriously, most fires are kitchen fires. This time of year it could easily have been holiday decorations. Why assume that this one is any different?

  • I love the author’s letter and assumptions.

  • Anyone who’s gotten a close look at that building’s exterior knows there’s some reason to question the maintenance. It’s not the worst, for sure, but it did catch fire, endangering lots of other houses. Nothing wrong with asking some questions, including those raised by the DCHD sign out front.

  • The grocery bags taped to the windows to keep out the winter cold are just completely unrelated to the fire.

    Walk by the place and deduce for yourselves.

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