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  • yep, that was my post office.
    I never thought I should hang onto the postcards with nibbled corners, as some kind of historical artifact…

  • Funny enough I was just asking my wife today if there was a post office in Columbia Heights. Now I know why there is not.

  • I’m guessing Germany. Belgium would be my second guess, Czech Republic being the third.

    This is awesome. Are the rodents now living in the Panda Express?

  • A bit of trivia: that post office was known as the “University Heights” post office and, I assume, got its name from the ancestor of my alma mater, George Washington University, originally established as “Columbian College” on or near University Place in CH.

  • How fitting that our tiny bit of trivial pursuit fame is rat-related.

  • 40 percent of the world’s breweries? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the United States.

  • Columbia Heights is in-famous, that means “more than famous”

    • Would you say Columbia Heights has a plethora of rats?

      • Yes. Every morning on my walk to the Metro I see them in the same spot, only 3 floors up, at the gym at DCUSA on the treadmills. I believe they’re bulking up to be RoUS.

  • Still plenty of rats in columbia heights… and they operate in a class system… you got your gym rats at the top and your street rats at the bottom… hah!

  • These are easy (and no, I didn’t Google).

    1. Germany

    2. Mama’s Family

    3. Washington, D.C.

    4. Galileo

    5. Elvis Stojko

    6. The Gideons

  • BUZZ Wrong!

    Number 2 is “Mad About You”.

    They played Gus and Theresa Stemple. Jamie’s (Helen Hunt’s character) parents.

    Notice: I says 1990’s sitcom. Mama’s Family was an 80’s show. While Carol Burnett was on to that show, O’Connor was not (at least not as a regular) on Mama’s Family.

  • I believe the probe was Voyager as well–not Galileo.

  • No further moons were found until Voyager 2 flew by Neptune in 1989. Voyager 2 recovered Larissa and discovered five new inner moons, bringing the total of known moons of Neptune to eight.

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