Washingtonian Magazine Reports on DC’s First Cupcake Truck

Washingtonian reports:

“the concept was the brainchild of two friends who wanted cupcakes one day but didn’t feel like schlepping to Georgetown to get them. Samuel Whitfield III, a former attorney, and Kristi Cunningham, who worked in freight forwarding, gave up their careers to peddle their sweets, baked by a third partner in the business. The cupcakes, which sell for $3 apiece, come in five flavors: classic vanilla, classic chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mocha, chocolate with vanilla frosting.”

You can find their location on twitter:


much like the great Fojol Bros:


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  • I love me some cupcakes, especially Hello Cupcakes, Something Sweet near Cactus Cantina and Georgetown Cupcakes, despite the lines. I may give these new people a try.

  • “Schlepping to Georgetown for cupcakes. . .” Not to go all bummer – starving orphans in the world here – but really. . . !

  • Yeii! More street vendors in DC… this is hardly an original concept though… they’ve had this stuff in NYC for years…
    Now, if more people could leave their day jobs and open other yummy food trucks around DC…

  • Reminds me of the bun man down in Belize. Warm rum buns delivered to your door for breakfast, before the morning dive, yuuummmmmmm

  • victoria, been hanging out with “voice of reason” ? maybe his rightousness is catching. what do you think? your coming across very holier than thou here.

  • hmmm. thats a lotta cupcakes gotta be baked and sold and divided by 3 no less…do the math aint easy. i wish em luck though, but i give it a year, tops. unless they expand to catering or specail events or something.

  • inmtpl – I’m sorry your iron-y levels are so low. Can you honestly not appreciate the sheer exquisiteness of the complaint that we need a cupcake delivery truck because it is so onerous to have to otherwise Schlepp to Georgetown? It is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • In a way I think this makes more money sense than a physical store- I would assume that the overhead is much lower and with a truck you can move and possibly get a space you would never be able to afford if it was a physical store.

  • Boooooooooougie.

  • “Nothing is more bourgeois than being afraid to be bourgeois.” — A. Warhol

  • ah yes, the hipsters version of irony? wtf?

  • I think in DC this would be sort of ideal.

    We have twittering food carts in Manhattan, including @CupCakeStop. DC like NY can be really spread out and not worth the trouble of going to another neighborhood just to get what you can find locally, plus time consuming for those without cars. (When I lived in Petworth I did think getting to Georgetown was a schlepp, maybe not feeding-the-third-word’s-hungry in terms of difficulty, but still almost never went. Especially for a cupcake.) So twittering food carts is ideal, as long as they make an effort to get out and about.

    Also, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the awesomeness that is Baked and Wired cupcakes. Truly DC’s best.

  • I’m sorry, I love the idea, but the flavors they’re talking about are not worth getting out of bed for. 5 flavors? When I go to Georgetown I don’t spent $3 on “classic vanilla.” F THAT. Classic equals boring. I’m spending $3 on some hardcore fruit flavor or a weird peanut butter concoction. You know THAT was what Warren Brown got right, you know, he’d wouldn’t have ANYTHING classic, it was all an eclair filled with mango filling.

  • Further proof that what is trendy in NYC, will appear in DC approximately 2-4 years later (wine bars? check. upscale yogurt? check. beer bars? check. “hidden” speakeasies? check. cupcakeries? check. food trucks? check). Not that I’m complaining, better late then never, and we’ve got a LONG way to go in terms of street food … would love to see the likes of the amazing Indian food and ice cream trucks they have in NYC, e.g.

  • New2CH, Cakelove’s cupcake bakeries predate Magnolia bakery, just so you accept that we lead that trend and NYC picked up on it.

    but food trucks? Funky food trucks were a Philadelphia staple 35 years ago. An LA staple 25 years ago. that’s not a NY thing at all- NY was about push-carts.

  • @Neener, not so much. Magnolia opened in ’96; Cake Love didn’t open until ’02.

  • I guess if I were to accept that the horrific item that Cakelove calls a “cupcake” was remotely edible, then I might have to concede your point 🙂 … but generally speaking, anything that is very popular in NYC (except, alas, bagels / true delis, for reasons I can’t fathom) becomes trendy in DC, almost inevitably, a few years later — not saying that NY necessarily has to START the trend …

  • I’m sorry you guys, but the NYC vs DC debate is lame. NYC has a population of 8.3 million, DC has about 600K…of course there’s going to be more innovation there, there are more people which equals more entrepreneurs and more customers!

    Let it go, it’s a false comparison and it doesn’t do either city any favors. Let them have the first twittering cupcake cart, I’ll happily wait 2 years until it makes it’s way down I-95 for half the price. In the meantime we can brag about having apartments that are at least large enough you can’t quite touch all four walls simultaneously.

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