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  • I rushed home and took one too. My sky wasn’t as dark though

  • Funny I was leaving the Pentagon area when I saw it, so a little further back, you could see both ends of the rainbow from here which is kinda rare, usually you only see one side. It was beautiful against those steel grey coulds.

  • experienced, nice indeed. Got outta work early so was able to take it in from in front of St Gabriel’s. No place to be, no place to go, just take it in. Wish I had my camera. Glorious rain show, almost like snow, with incredible light, then cleared to morning blue skies as if it never rained, and yellow blowing leaves with the gentle gusts. Nice color combo with the steeple and fir trees. Lovely.

  • The first time that I saw a double rainbow it was in Washington, and it was last year. I was thrilled! Everyone looked out of their car on Wisconsin, and people got out and took pictures. Since then I’ve seen so many rainbows in Washington that I’m thinking something is odd. Either reality is changing or my reality is changing. Are there other people who think that rainbows are more frequent these days, especially around this area??? It’s really nice!

  • I know who took that!

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