New Building for School of International Service at AU


As I went here for grad school, I was blown away by the building. When I went there it was like a high school building from the 50s. This looks like an amazing improvement. Also it looks like they did a pretty good job matching the rendering:


Do you like the style?

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  • Very exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • the main question is whether the new bldg will include an expanded version of The Dav.

  • What is that?! A center for ants?!

  • Hey POP, the old building is still next door if you’re nostalgic. And there will be a new Dav. in the building, which will be up for LEED Gold certification. P.S., I noticed in your latest post that you’re wearing your Maryland hat. If you need an AU hat, let me know.

  • where does a.u. get the miney to do that?

  • …always an eagle! The building looks fantastic and heard it is not only green, but blue, i.e. fair labor standards were adhered to when procuring resources, materials, etc. Go AU!

  • As with school I’ve gone to, seeing the stories about the “new building” always make me mad because they never show up while I’m there . . . undergrad, grad, law school. boo hoo for me.

  • Jon H, PoP’s wearing a Miami of Ohio hat, not Maryland

  • hey guys, I am an AU undergrad who lives in PoP…an hour commute, but we love the neighborhood!
    So, I am getting ready to go on an official tour of the building this afternoon to get the scoop on its environmental and social justice aims…all of which were really thought through for this project. I can report back later, so long as they don’t tell me it’s top secret, but what I know thus far is that Bill McDonough of Cradle to Cradle (the book) designed it!

    more to come

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