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  • Is this on Fessenden?

  • Not a bungalow, but it does have bungaloid-type characteristics. This is your basic Four Square, with Arts and Crafts influences.
    Bungalows (from the Hindi word “bangla” meaning house) are almost always 1-storey, or 1 1/2 storeys.

  • Vonstallin

    I love this house…looks like the ones lined along 14th and 15th streets above/past Allison street….

  • If you want to see some unaltered classic Sears & Roebuck bungalows take a trip to Manchester Drive NW. It’s between 14th Street NW and Colorado Avenue. Manchester becomes Montaque Street as you get closer to Colorado Avenue. It’s very short but the houses on one side of the street are sweet. Come to think of it, nearby 13th Street going south is bungalow heaven.

  • This house is on the west side of 14th Street NW just north of Ingraham.

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