Going – Vegetate Restaurant (1414 9th Street, NW)


This is sad news. A reader writes:

“Hey there, have you heard anything about rumors of Vegetate (1414 9th Street, NW), the veggie place by 9th and O, closing on Nov. 28? The scuttlebutt is that the landlord is tripling their rent.”

We judged Vegetate back in Dec. ’08 and there were lots of fans. Today the CCCA blog shares a note from the owners:

“We’re writing with some unfortunate news. Vegetate on 9th Street is going to be closing at the end of this month. Our lease is up and we’ve decided to look for a new location.

We will let all of you know once we’ve found a new space. In the meantime, we’ll be doing select catered events.

Thank you for all your support over the years. Those of you in the area, please stop by for one last dinner at Vegetate’s 9th Street home.

Dominic & Jennifer”

Here’s to hoping they find a new spot soon!

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  • bummer! i loved that place 🙁

  • I love vegetate!! that sucks that greedy landlords are pricing them out. as though shaw isn’t full of vacant storefronts – hard to believe there is a business case for losing your tenant when attracting one at 3x the price feels pretty unlikely.

  • come to 11th st NW

  • They should have signed a longer lease. Maybe someone will open a burger or pizza joint to cater to all the bears that now patronize the EFN Lounge (formerly beBar) down the street.

  • Come to bloomingdale!

  • i have a place that you can build out, right off of h and second street NE (senate square area). PoP can give you my email if your interested. good front and back yard space for outdoor seating, and plenty of indoor seating room. it’s zoned as business/residential and you can work it to your liking……….

  • I just recently dined here for the first time and it was amazing! Sorry to hear they will be out for a while but I hope they find a new home soon. The beet salad was divine . . .

  • oh, and long term lease w/renewal option is a possibility..

  • shaw just jumped the shark

  • This is SUCH a bummer…. I love Vegetate, everyone who works there, the food and drinks, the atmosphere, etc. etc. etc.

    Assuming the landlord comes back to reality on the rent-front, I think a coffee/wine/desert place with live music would be neat there (e.g., The Green Bean in Greensboro, NC). A small destination restaurant like Komi would also be great.

    I hope that it does not become yet-another Ethiopian restaurant.

  • Eric in ledroit,

    I blame that snazzy realtor video.

  • I’m not so sure that a landlord tripling rent should be taken at face value. Vegetate always had (undeserved) enemies in the surrounding community. Maybe that is what the out of the ordinary in size rent increase is about.

    Maybe this will be a positive move in terms of opening up in a better neighborhood.

    I feel for the workers and owners though.

  • Please please please come to Bloomingdale!!!

  • bloomingdale please!!! seriously, there is an incredible amount of demand here with the new Parker Flats condos and numerous smaller developments over the past several years. How about next to Yoga District on First Street?

  • Am I the only one who would like to see them relocate near the Georgia Ave. metro? Those empty storefronts are just waiting for a good tenant. And if the owners of Marvin are really going to do something there soon, why can’t Vegetate do the same?

  • Vegetate ran hot and cold, and I haven’t been for a while. It’s not like that stretch of 9th Street is particularly hopping. I hope Dominic and Jennifer can find a better location.

    A message to landlords: There are a lot of empty storefronts earning zero bucks. Better you get less rent than you want and have steady income than you price people out of the hood and get no rent.

  • As someone who lives in Shaw and deals with all those empty storefronts, I hope Vegetate will look to buy a building on 9th or 7th. Then they’ll benefit from the gentrification that’s coming our way, instead of being punished for it by asshat landlords.

  • I’d never been, but I live in the area and just hate to see this leave – 9th Street needs all the businesses it can get.

  • So they triple the rent, and this place is going to sit empty for years. How is that better than having a successful, popular niche restaurant that is actually paying rent?

  • Would be interesting if someone could confirm the enormous rent increase assumption…along with the name of the landlord behind the alleged increase…doesn’t really make sense to price out a viable business…not that real estate in DC (or Shaw) has anything to do w/ common sense, but it would be interesting to know the real reason behind Vegetate’s move…

    If a Stoneys-like place could move in there w/ a good grilled cheese I’d be happy…but please buy the building…or any other shell along 9th…

  • Hope you all do come to H Street!!

    My condolences to the 9th St area for losing such a cool restaurant…

  • beforewisdom had it right: Vegetate has an undeserved ‘reputation’ in that neighborhood and I’d be willing to bet dimes to dollars that Shiloh Baptist Church called in a favor to Vegetate’s landlord. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after Azi’s cafe nextt. I am so sad about this; the owners were great people who had a great restaurant. Simply awful news. I wish them the best of luck 🙁

  • Emmaleigh504

    What is the undeserved reputation that Vegetate had? Just “weird veggie hippie freaks” or something more sinister?

  • I love playing Nancy Drew! According to the DC real property web-site, the owner of this property lives in Los Angeles, which is apparently a rather large town in California Territory. I googled the owners name, and found him (her?) listed as the owner of this vacant property, and his address is Overland Park, Kansas. Most suspicious… There is also a doctor with the same (very unusual) name listed as a local (Arlington) anesthesiologist, but don’t know if it’s the same person.

  • The retail space at The Nine (1316 9th St NW) is still available. I don’t know that it’d be any cheaper than the current space, though.

    Speaking of Bloomingdale commercial development…I’m really sad that the restaurant clients that I had the NE corner of 1st & Seaton under contract for ended up getting outbid by a single bidder at the Seller’s bankrupcy hearing. It’s even worse that the guy who just had to have the property has done nothing with it.

  • Can they buy the building from the guy? I don’t get how they were under contract, yet outbid? That just sucks.

  • suzanne – i saw contractors in that building (NE corner of Seaton & 1st) yesterday when I was driving home in the mid-afternoon.

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