Dear PoP – Bizarre Incident at 700 block of Gresham Pl.


“Dear PoP

This past Saturday afternoon in the 700 block of Gresham Pl. there was an insane amount of police activity. Police cars came speeding down the street as if they were making some sort of huge arrest/bust… there had to be have been about 15 cars all blocking each other in, even a van on the small one-way street. They went into one house and and 5 minutes later went in another a few doors down. After about 15 minutes they began to disperse. I asked an officer who was walking back to his car what was going on and he responded that they had been receiving prank calls that an officer had been shot. When hearing that explained it kind of made me wonder is it really that easy to divert police attention? I would also think that they could do a better job at being able to substantiate a claim of an officer being shot.”

Wow, that’s insane. But I think you have to err on the side of caution in that situation. If there are reports of an officer shot and they can’t confirm they’re pranks then I imagine MPD definitely has to respond in full force. Terrible story though. The fact that people would prank like that and divert necessary resources to crap like this is beyond frustrating. I hope the caught the prank caller.

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  • Too bad all calls of a reported shooting don’t cause such a reaction by authorities.

  • Thanks! This will come in really handy when I plan my next crime spree.

  • ok so here’s my story. In college I was sick and tired of the county not dealing with a bad curve in a road. Cars would crash all the time- literally once a week. So one day this car skids in ice and hits the telephone pole. I call the police but nothing happens. They don’t show up.

    So about 4 hours later another car skids in the ice and smashes into a parked car. I call the police but I tell them I think someone may be injured.

    All of the sudden 4 emergency medical trucks show up. They were on me within 15 minutes chewing me out about wasting resources. We’re talking Buddy Rich here.

    I will never mess around with a 911 call again, I state what occurred, nothing more and nothing less.

  • I like this pic of Gresham Pl.

  • I hope the cops don’t blame your street for the prank calls and not respond anymore….just a thought

  • Damn, that brings back bad memories from The Wire. Poor Randy & Miss Anna.

  • I think that’s my new neighbor in the photo. “Welcome to the neighborhood!” I yelled to him from my porch, after we’d all witnessed the dozen police cars racing down the street.

  • @Neener – Buddy Rich – he WAS a angry bastard!

  • I was yelled at once by Buddy Rich – long story.

  • Make sure to report an officer shot next time you want them to show up. But use your annoying brother in law’s phone.

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