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This is pretty wild, I saw it at Qualia Coffee and was put in touch with the organizer. He explains Potomacs in an email:

“Briefly, it is a local (complementary/alternative) currency to encourage more business activity while ensuring that profits remain here. It gives small business, individual entrepreneurs an edge over big box and corporate retailers by indicating they belong to and support the community by participating. It also engages residents to get out more in their communities, builds relationships and it makes people think more carefully how and where they spend their money.

Any local business, individual trader or professional in the Greater Washington Area can accept the Potomac simply by accepting it in full or partial payment. Registration is optional but those who register:
* receive an information and signage kit
* are included in our promotions and directory
* access training support

Folks can purchase Potomacs at the rate P1 = $0.95
In person: at Ecolocity meetings, events, Saturdays 2-5 pm at Qualia
By mail: P O Box 3183, Washington DC 20010-0183 enclosing Money Order
By Paypal: [email protected]
Minimum order online and by mail: P10 plus $2 handling

Residents can also ask for Potomacs as change when they shop at businesses that accept Potomacs:
Ellen’s Nutrition Counseling

Gnosophia Publishers
202 545 0869, www.gnosophia.com

Qualia Coffee
202-248-6423, 3917 Georgia Ave NW

The Potter’s House
202 232 5483, 1658 Columbia Rd NW

This is wild. Do you guys think it’s a good idea?


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