What the Helen of Troy is This?

IMG_2381, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Oh, it is Air Photos Live, a “Digital Design & Imaging Service”.

Not sure how many folks saw this balloon on 14th Street, NW across from the Black Cat last Sunday, but it was quite an unusual sight.

I’d love to see the photos of 14th Street that this balloon caught. You can see some amazing shots from other projects in  their gallery here.


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  • Its the AirphotosLive.com camera balloon, ie a camera on a balloon. Either done for promotional purposes or some sort of survey.

  • I can’t see that being an effective promotion. They don’t thrive on foot traffic or people driving by saying “hey, I saw your balloon…” I’m going with survey, taking shots for a proposed development nearby.

  • I was thinking a BlackCat promotion, where they’d record the millions of coolio’s streaming in the door for whatever funkster show.

  • I never thought of that. Those balloons would make some pretty sweet time-lapse movies of things like that. Especially if made to look like a tilt-shift video.

  • I’ve seen this in two other places a few weeks ago as well, all in places with not a lot of foot traffic either, so I am doubting it is promotional, although there was better signage on the one I saw.

  • Sorry to stir up such commentary, I was the one flying this tethered aerostat balloon. My firm shows views from various floors of future buildings. We shoot primarily in NYC, DC Tysons or where ever people wish to see what they are investing in before it is built. The signage is less for promotion than to allay people’s post 9-11 fears about objects in the sky.
    We also shot beauty shots of the Masonic temple for possible inclusion in the Dan Brown mania for DC land marks.
    Happy to share some images if you tell me your general direction relative to 14th and D streets.

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