Sweet Window Art

IMG_0299, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone know who the musician is?

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  • Looks like a vague Robert Johnson reference. If not him, it may just be a general figure representing all the original bluesmen

  • Looks like Reverend Gary Davis to me.

  • Just an observation — and I suspect they’ll be many people who disagree — but after your guy wins, isn’t it time to take the sticker down? I’m a big Obama fan and I know there’s still a lot of excitement, but cheerleading a politician seems a bit un-American. Once elected, we ought to view politicians with a level of distrust.

    I loved Obama in November. Now he’s just another American president.

    How long is too long for Obama-Biden stickers? Maybe that’s the subject of another post.

  • Revered Gary Davis for sure.

  • I have to agree with Anonymous 10:07 am. Yay, your vote for Obama helped make history happen. We get it. But after so long, those raggedy-ass signs have got to go!

    The Sweet Window Art, however, can stay.

    I’m a Blind Willie McTell fan, myself.

  • Agreed, Shlomi. 93% of this city cast a ballot for Obama-Biden. Advertising that you did so a year later doesn’t exactly make you a vanguard.

    Now someone with a McCain-Palin sign in their window? That takes balls.

  • great, minus that obama/biden sticker!!

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