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  • Drink specials?

  • Congrats to the Derby! I moved away from the neighborhood over the summer and miss my local watering hole. Right before I left I overheard one fratty looking guy tell his buddy “I hear that this place is the new Wonderland” haha, hope he wasn’t too right on.

  • I actually went to Red Derby the other day for the first time.

    Hipsters. Lots of hipsters.

    Apparently, I’m getting old.

  • I guess I don’t understand the many comments that come up about hipsters and the Red Derby. I am pretty sure I’m not a hipster (can you be a 41-yr-old hipster?) and I go quite often. I have friends and acquaintances (saf, you there?) who go who are not hipsters. When we are there we do not feel inundated with hipsters. Maybe it’s because we’re not usually there weekend late nights? Could that be it? Anyway, I certainly don’t consider Derby a hipster-bar, otherwise I wouldn’t go, or more likely, they wouldn’t let me in. (I don’t think I’ve ever typed the word hipster that many times.) It’s just a fun, easygoing place for us old folks too!

  • hipsters aside, anyone know if there will be any 2nd anniversary specials tonight?

  • jeesh. bar porn apparently much better than house porn.

  • responding to questions on drink specials. was there last night and was told by an employee that free jameson (shots most likely) and champagne are the specials till they run out.

  • So where can one meet the non hipster crowd in CH/PW?

  • What’s more special than a shot and a beer for 5 bones?

  • @ rdo–Completely agree: A shot of Jameson and a brew for $5 remains the one of the best specials in the District.

  • @rg

    Looking Glass?

  • saf

    I’m here.

    And I’ll be at the Derby EARLY tonight.

  • damn saf, whish I had known sooner.

  • looking glass is hit and miss. The thing is I dont get out very often.

  • saf

    Well rg, it’s not like it’s rare for me to be at the Derby. And we were sitting next to djdc & company.

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