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Starfish Cafe is located at 539 8th St., SE. I was just talking to a friend about where one can find good ceviche. Is this the spot? You can see their menus here. Any must order items? Overall, how is this spot?

If this isn’t the best ceviche spot – where else is good?

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  • Their Shrimp n’ Grits is damn good (not the healthiest, but good). The muffeletta… so-so.

  • Las Canteras Restaurant, 2307 18th Street, NW, is a good contender.

    Authentic Peruvian food and decor.

  • Pop,
    Please. How can you say that the best ceviche is from this place. You have insulted ceviche. If you ever want to try some good ceviche try some good peruvian or ecuadorian ceviche. Best peruvian ceviche in La flor de la Canela in Gaithersburg. Ceviche in Silver Spring has ecuadorian ceviche but its not nearly as good as the real stuff.

  • If you go to this restaurant in a group, PAY CASH. They have never, ever, ever done a split ticket correctly for me, and paying with my card always means 4 days on the phone with them. Also, their oysters made me sick once. (but that I can forgive)

  • Casa Oaxaca!! Great ceviche… and great everything else too!

  • CEVICHEGURU + reading comprehension = fail

  • I ate there not too long ago on a Saturday night and the place was eerily not busy. It was 8-9 pm on a Saturday and there were no more than 3 or 4 occupied tables in the whole place. Other than that it was pretty good if a little expensive for what it is. We enjoyed everything we ate though the service was not particularly good.

  • I had the Traditional Talapia Ceviche and the Blackened Mahi-Mahi there.
    Both were excellent.

  • I thought this was place was a Cajun place, did it change to Peruvian tapas recently? Had a great po’boy once, a little pricey though

  • The comments above suggest the main problem with this place — the lack of clear (culinary) identity. If you are a new customer, you don’t know what you are going to get here — Cajun? Caribbean? Crabcakes/shrimp/fried oysters seafood? Peruvian? Moreover, those categories of food themselves are somewhat indistinct (compared to pizza, burgers, burritos etc). Starfish needs a clear selling point to compete with the barfood/pizzas/greek/chinese/indian you know and love (or hate) at the other restaurants on 8th.

  • This place has not kept up with the culinary progress on Barracks Row. It used to be one a few non-pizza options around, but now seems to be serving up high-cost, but mediocre grub on a street that has received plenty of better options in the past couple of years.

  • Spot on, Steve. They’re high-priced but mediocre. The paella is especially poor – essentially a big plate of Rice A Roni for $20.

  • Peruvian Ceviche House in Gaithersburg, MD is pretty damn good. Worth the drive, especially when they have live music.

  • I wouldn’t make it a destination. Service was nice and the food is good, but it’s by no means a good value and it smells kinda weird in there.

  • The fried oyster po’ boy was quite good, but overall the food is quite expensive for what you get and the menu was all over the place. Steve says it best. I had friends who were not pleased at all with their drinks either – their “sangria” was overpriced and unforgivably boozy for an early afternoon lunch. Tasted like cough syrup. With all the options on H Street now I’m not sure I’d go back for anything. I like the quirkiness, but it can’t save the place.

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