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  • I have never gotten pizza at Pizza Paradiso that lived up to the hype surrounding that restaurant. I’ve had decent pizzas but they’ve always been slightly flawed.

  • When I feel like spending some $$ for a good (but small) pizza, PP is my place. Otherwise, Moroni’s is a cheaper alternative.

  • The beer selection is the real reason to visit. That said, they have one of the weakest happy hours around: only Tuesday and Wednesday, only from 5 to 7 and only at the bar.

  • Moroni spent years at PP learning his craft before opening the space in Petworth. Now it’s better than where he trained.

  • I really the pizza and I love the new space, bigger and lighter. More room between the tables, so you can actually have a private conversation.

  • Went there this weekend for the first time. The pizza was very good, but not the best I’ve had in the city. I was disappointed at the almost complete lack of meat toppings on their specialty pizzas. The real downer though was that we had to wait almost an hour and a half for a table (for 2). I know Friday nights at Dupont restaurants are busy, but it was not worth the wait, and didn’t live up to the hype. If there’s no wait, I might go back, but otherwise I’d just as soon eat at another place in Dupont.

  • LOVE the pizza. And I like the new location – the seating area was lively and warm.

  • great pizza served in an improved space!

  • For beer lovers, the new Dupont restaurant is infinitely better — it has about a dozen taps and a cask, where as the old Dupont had just one tap.

    Here’s a guide I wrote to the new Pizzeria Paradiso when it opened.

  • It’s great if you like pizza and beer. Probably would not be the best place for a vegan, if they were to start serving beers with meat in them.

  • @Goot Lemmon: they do have vegan options, such as lots of veggies, vegan crust (I asked), and soy cheese.

    And the pizza tastes better with all the delicious beer!

  • downstairs bar has best beer selection in town. yummy pizza to accompany.

  • This is probably a function of the fact that I pretty much lump all of NW together, but if I’m going to go to Dupont, I’d rather go the extra bit and go to Birreria in G’town for the beer. Neither locations’ pizza is good enough to warrant the trip across town, so if I’m going, it’s for the beer. After that, they can serve me canned sauce on cardboard for all I care. The pizza’s fine, but if that was all I was interested in, I’d stay local and just go to 7th Hill or Matchbox.

  • Isn’t Birreria in Georgetown the same thing, run by the same people?

  • @Anon 9:19, that’s the point. Both locations have mediocre pizza, so at least get the benefit of the beer list at Birreria.

  • I ate at the new location for the first time last week. Pizzas were just the same as in the old location. I think they are excellent, although compared to comparable places serving “boutique” style pizzas, their individual-sized pizza is a bit on the small side. Lots of great beer choices at the new location; the beer selections appear to be about comparable to those offered at the Georgetown outlet. The best part about the new location is that one can actually dine there at a normal hour — the old one was so busy and cramped the only times I could get in were off-hours like 3 pm on a Saturday.

  • Agreed with above. Pizza Paradiso is one of the best beer halls in the united states. The pizza is ancillary. 🙂

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