Good Deal or Not? Lucky 7s Edition


This home is located at 63 Seaton Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stunning Renovated Victorian w/ chef’s kitchen, open floor plan allows separate dining. Living w/ bay window, gas fireplace. Hardwood floors. Large Master Suite w/ cathedral ceilings & spacious ensuite bath. Landscaped front yard + back deck for outdoor dining. Off street parking w/ roll up door. Located near Shaw METRO. Seller reserves right to accept/reject offers.”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

I love Seaton Place in Bloomingdale, it seems like a very quiet block with beautiful homes. What do you think of this particular home? The “chef’s kitchen”? Does $614,777 seem reasonable for this 5 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • That’s not a chef’s kitchen.

  • Agreed that that is not a chef’s kitchen. The whole thing feels a little flimsy – seems like the renovation was done a little on the cheap (bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, marble in front of the fireplace, bannister all look either cheap or a bit tacky). Also, the basement layout is kind of odd. For that price, I would think that without the basement apartment a better draw would have been to have a basement guest room (the back basement bedroom) and a great room/rec room taking up the rest of the space – with the laundry and utility space behind a closet door. Marketing a rowhouse in this neighborhood (and I live about two blocks from this house), feels pretty cheeky to anyone who knows the area. Maybe would show better if it were staged better (less stuff).
    Really, if feels like a soulless apartment to me.

  • Is this the Missing Bedroom edition? I count 3 bedrooms, and 1 in the basement (for a total of 4, not 5). The other 4 bedrooms in this area seem to be going more in the 500-550 range around here, so I think the price is pushing it. Otherwise, I like it, there’s nothing offensive about it other than just being very standard/normal. I would have liked to see taller cabinets in the kitchen and a better faucet (personal taste on that one). Also, the photographer needs to invest in a wide angle lens (I’d imagine the kit lens on a digital SLR would be a step up from the point and shoot that I believe was used here). You just couldn’t see the rooms in the photos. I could see a table or a bed, but not the room.

  • @SingLikeSassy Yeah, it’s a nice enough kitchen, but if there’s no ventilation hood, it’s not a chef’s kitchen…just try to cook up some steak au poivre with that silly little microwave blower shooting the “filtered” smoke right back in your face, and you’ll know it’s not a chef’s kitchen.

    That said, I’m not sure if it’s a good deal or not.

  • Oh wait, that’s a second bedroom in the basement? So does the entrance open up into the bedroom (if you don’t use the internal staircase from inside the house)? If so, yuck.

  • Really! I think this is some of the better photography and staging I’ve seen in a while. Sticking a mini in the backyard to feature parking…genius. And I dig the dark wall behind the fireplace and the details on the mantel. Not sure if it’s a good deal or not because I don’t know the area, but if I was a potential buyer I would be very pleased with this listing.

  • For 615K in DC, I’d like to see a Metro stop on the Google locator map.

  • The house should be marketed as the 3 bedroom it is. The real 5 bedroom houses are across the street. It’s cute but not worth more than $500,000.

  • I think the term ‘gourmet’ which is used in the photo tour is probably a more accurate description–in that it is a kitchen where someone who merely enjoys food and cooking, not a professional chef, can do those things. I would assume that the fume hood is integrated in the microwave, since that is pretty standard in microwaves that are installed above stoves.

    I don’t really get what is ‘cheeky’ about calling it a rowhouse. It IS a rowhouse, as are all the other houses on the block.

    Maybe it is a little overpriced, but I don’t think hugely so. It has more bedrooms and bathrooms than most of the comps. The faucets, cabinetry, and fireplace hearth stone are not my taste, but that doesn’t mean they are bad or do not have market value.

  • @ogden Whoops – that was supposed to say “5 bedroom rowhouse”

  • @ogden “Gourmet” – maybe…closer to accurate than “Chef’s”. Most microwaves don’t have actual external vents; they just suck in the air through filters and blow it back out those vents at the top. I dealt with one for years before we saved enough to renovate our kitchen – we had to punch through a couple of walls to run the ductwork required to hook up a real hood. And the BTUs (15,000+) generated by the type of commercial grade burners (or close to it) you’d expect to find in a chef’s kitchen really require a real vent hood.

    It’s a nice enough kitchen, but it’s really just a “fliptchen,” and nothing special.

  • Real Estate lesson of the day: If it’s not a Chef’s Kitchen don’t call it a Chef’s Kitchen. The PoP community will expose you!

  • A counter depth refrigerator would have looked much better… especially with that window.

  • Needs more tile.

  • Matvey Says:
    For 615K in DC, I’d like to see a Metro stop on the Google locator map
    its a ten minute walk to the shaw metro. thats close, no?
    i’d rather have this one a block away:
    nicer block too.

  • Any kitchen is a “chef’s kitchen” if there is a good chef cooking in it!

  • Does the kitchen have carpet? ewwww…

  • I like the mini cooper in the back yard!

    actually, it’s a very good block. I think it’s in line with the prices over there.

  • Not a remnant of the past remains in this house. (Admittedly off topic)
    If this house were in Columbia Heights maybe if would be worth the asking price.

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