Dear PoP – Adult soccer league forming on new Tubman field

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“Dear PoP,

I run an adult coed soccer league in DC called District Sports. I have gotten permission to use the new field at Tubman elementary to run a league and was hoping you might be able to give us a shout out on PoP. Games will be on Sunday afternoons and registration is currently open at”

Nice. For those that are interested, be warned I may participate in this league…


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  • District Sports is an awesome league. I’ve played for a few years. It’s a friendly and well (volunteer) run league. Ironically, about 3 years ago, the league organized fundraiser to re-turf the Tubman field, only to have it turn into a dust bowl shortly thereafter from overuse. It’s good to see the league is able to rent the superior turfed surface now.

  • Boy, the Latino pick up players were PO’d last week about District Sports using the turf at Cardozo. They couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that DS had a permit for league play and that their “we were here first” doesn’t really count.

  • I’m in my second season with this league and it’s extremely well-run. Glad to hear it’s gaining momentum and branching out.

  • Isn’t it silly to pay $ to play a sport when you could just join in one of the pick up games?

  • I’d be pissed too crin. Public fields being taken over via permit process by privately run sports leagues. Pay to play everywhere, nothing is free anymore, even playing soccer.

  • It reminds me of a guy from abroad who told me once how he conceptualizes the USA- take any place and put up a booth and start charging people.

  • I’m currently playing in my 7th or 8th district sports league and I love it. I also regularly play with the latinos in their weekday pickup games at Tubman, and before Tubman was returfed up at Carter Barron. Pickup is great, but its nice once in a while to play in an organized league.

    “voiceofreason” should note that the field is free 5 days a week. I really can’t find any fault with the city renting out the field to permit-holders, especially if it means more revenue to redo more schools facilities.

  • the fault is that there are two less days (the days people have off work for the most part) for public use. and the $ rarely go to redoing more school facilities. In DC, most dollars go to lining people’s pockets.

  • Anyone interested in getting a team put together? If so, shoot me an email and maybe we can get something going – robinson1220 at gmail dot com

  • Just a question here: how does the permit process work? I’ve played with District Sports before and, aside from one referee who thought I fouled any time I was within a 4 ft. radius of he ball, I think they run a good league. But what do they have to pay to get exclusive use of a nice public field for their own profit? How long does that permit last? What’s the process for their permit’s renewal and for resolving disputes in the future if someone else wants to reserve the space at the same currently reserved time?

    I guess what really concerns me here is the potential that this field, during prime weekend time when it’s most likely to be used, now becomes effectively a private asset of District Sports, for which they pay a price that is drastically below market. I’m guessing a LOT of people would be happy to provide legitimate refereeing, draw up a schedule, and keep stats at $1200/team.

  • crin: You and your league team should have to play the Latino pickup players for rights to the field. Now I’d pay to see that.

  • I’ve played in this league for 5 years and it’s fantastic. A great way to meet people and get together socially. District Sports also has leagues in Dupont, Cardozo HS, and several other locations.


    I have already sent an email to Jim Graham requesting that he block this.

    Stop stealing from the kids, ok creeps? Buy your own field and maintain it yourself- be a grown up about it. I couldn’t imagine being an adult and playing on a child’s field. That’s just shameful.

  • Neener – I can’t figure out how to say this without, due to the nature of this medium, sounding sarcastic, but I honestly think you need some professional help. Please, call your health care provider today. Really – people, no snarky comments o.k.? You have made many posts here indicating a level of tension in your life that would be hard for anyone to deal with. There may be solutions for you, and I wish you peace.

  • Victoria, I think that’s out of line. You don’t know him or her personally, even if you are a trained professional in mental health (I have no idea if you are or not). The opinion that adults should not be using school fields that are supposed to be primarily for school children is debatable to be sure, but not out of this world in its logic. You want to debate it, go for it, but shooting from the hip to call someone sick is going too far, in my opinion.

  • Neener – the kids still get first priority, and its a city field, whats wrong with adults using it? What makes something a “kids field” versus an “adults field”? I’m not a fan of calling out people’s mental health, but I think Victoria was remarking to the fact that your post was very angry and shortsighted, mostly out of nowhere.

    voiceofreason – the field has never been open on the weekends, for I’m sure a variety of issues, not the least of which is liability. So really, district sports isn’t taking up the time of anybody. also, your assertions about where the money ends up are pointless. you have any proof? lining WHAT people’s pockets? don’t be silly.

  • Longley, are you saying that the DC government is free of corruption? Seriously?

    If the field hasn’t been open on weekends, it should be, it’s paid for by public tax dollars.

  • VOR – Please consider the idea that mental health is not a bad or shameful thing. Everyone gets a bit whacked out now and then, but sometimes it’s more than that. Neener has posted lots of comments over many months that indicate life disruption. s/he may be fine, or may need help. Why is that offensive to you? Why are you so angry about that? This is a blog – not much can really be “out of line.” And even if it was – I’ll always side with coaxing the doubtful to walk past the open windows.

  • lol @ neener

    I am for sure going to try to play in this league

  • I don’t see mental health as bad or shameful, but I think it’s irresponsible to be giving medical advice out over a blog to someone you’ve never met. You really have no clue whether or not anybody posting is “doubtful” or “more than a bit whacked out”. So really all you are doing is substituting an insult (whether you think it is or not) for reasoned debate.

  • well, until VOR cleans up the city, none of this matters.

    Point is – district sports is a great league, and this field is wonderful to play on.

  • I play in this league too, thanks to Kathryn! 🙂 I joined up this past summer and have played 11’s, 7’s, 9’s and I’m looking forward to playing indoor in the winter! It is a great league and a great way to meet new people. If you are thinking about maybe signing you, you should def. sign up! DO IT!!!

    Neener and VOR, you two…you are something.

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