Building at New Hampshire and Otis Gets Named


I feel like I’ve been tracking this home for years. I really like how the glassed in fire escape looks though I’m not a huge fan of the brick top. Anyway, I noticed that the building got named – The Bernshire.


It says it was Est. 2005 but I can’t seem to recall if they’ve ever been listed on the market. Anyone know if anyone’s living in the building yet? Is the Est. 2005 simply when the renovations began?

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  • Eww, man. Who thought it would be sharp to attach a parking garage’s staircase to a home (originally residential building in a residential area)?

    looks like they have rear access..

    they should have put a patio on top.

  • I’m sorry anyone who buys into that deserves to be forced to hold onto the property forever. That is one ugly, incoherent building.

    That sign is huge.
    What is up with the front stair cases.
    I know the side stairs are likely for fire code reasons but the look odd.
    That top brick part look like someone helicoptored in and dropped it on top.
    Could all of the meters on front be a bit more obvious.

  • est 2005?? ok…

  • hate it, hate it, hate it.
    hated it when they first started working on it, and in case I wasn’t clear, I still hate it

  • It remains unoccupied.

  • If it has a fire escape it is likely condos or a commercial building. Code doesn’t require fire escape on a single family residence. If it is enclosed, is it really a fire escape?

    This is really ugly!

  • Maybe it will be “luxury senior living” or something? Hence the large sign and open-ish fire stairs? Um, that’s the best I can do with this.

  • I like it, although I don’t understand it.
    I think it looks terrific.

  • What is it about New Hampshire Ave. that seems to attract architects apparently trained to design the most hideous buildings imaginable by man? I am not sure which I hate more, this or the horrific pop up across the street, but both are an utter and absolute disgrace. You’d think someone, at some point in their formative years, would have been told they had some aesthetic sensibility prior to embarking on an architectural career, but apparently not …

  • This one is not so bad to me. I actually kind of like it. Now, the pop up across the street is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah I actually don’t mind this one. I agree with Nate, the one across the street is horrible.

  • This house is an embarrassing mess. There’s no attention to any of the basic concepts of good design. Scale & proportion have been thrown out the window. The details seem to have been randomly picked out of the air with no cohesive design for the whole building.

    I’m pretty sure that the glass enclosed egress stair was an afterthought once someone realized that multi-family buildings with this many units need to have two means of egress. This isn’t surprising since they were forced to tear down the fourth floor that they had built that violated zoning codes and wasn’t on their approved drawings…

  • Yup, 2005/2006 is about when we and other neighbors called the city to have the top floor taken down, since it exceeded height restrictions.

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