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Stem is located at 1412 U Street NW. Looks pretty cool.  They have men’s and women’s clothing, home furnishings and jewelry.  Anyone check it out yet? Thumbs up or down? Here are the hours in case you haven’t been yet:

sun-thu: 11am – 10pm
fri-sat: 11am – 11pm

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  • I believe they’re associated with some sort of charitable christian organization, hence the cross in their logo.

  • They are “affiliated with” DC Noodles next door (this space used to be the retail section of Simply Home) and Rice restaurants. And yes, the letter t is typically written in the same shape as a cross.

  • Lol grumpy – yeah they’re not affiliated with a religious organization but with DC noodles, formerly Simply Home. They’ve been there since about February.

  • They are very expensive!

  • I second Joe’s comment. They are VERY expensive for what they sell.

  • Definitely affiliated with a Christian organization, even if it’s on the down-low. That said, I don’t see what the problem is with supporting such a venture, when they’re doing good things in the community.

  • Assuming there is a religious affiliation (that’s not clear yet from the posts), I’d need to know what they’re doing in the community before I support them. If they’re doing something like running a soup kitchen, cool by me. If they’re running a soup kitchen and proselytizing in between ladle scoops, not cool by me. Anyone have any detail about the potential affiliation? I couldn’t find anything after a quick search.

  • people this is not a freaking charity. it’s a noodle shop / clothes store. they don’t proselytize, and they’re not asking for donations. maybe they are christians but you wouldn’t know anything in particular from their mediocre noodles. the operation they run at rice has tastier food. the clothes place is pretty interesting.

  • All I know is that they’re super expensive. And not that cute or original.

  • I went into this place looking for a last minute birthday gift for my girlfriend, and these guys were super cool and very helpful. Yeah, they are a bit pricey, but their clothes are unique…and in this day and age, the quality customer service they gave me was priceless. For the record – I can tell you there is zero affiliation with any religious group…just good people.

  • I’m more concerned by DC Noodles. I loooooooooooooooved Simply Home. Its new incarnation as DC Noodles is just way too blah by comparison.

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