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The Dubliner is located at 520 N Capitol St NW near Union Station. Filming the most recent PoPtrekker my partner in crime, Intangible Arts, was singing the praises of the Dubliner. I’m sad to say, I was fairly wrecked by the time we got there but I did enjoy my fried chicken salad. It has a great outdoor dining area and the inside had a classic pub feel.

You can see their menus here. Any big fans? For those that like it, do you prefer it more for the food or the bar?

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  • I remember going here once. It was awhile ago, but remember the food being overpriced and it was way to loud to hear the person next to me. But like I said, that was some time ago, and I’d be willing to give it another shot.

  • I actually didn’t know the Dubliner offered food, even though I always enjoy fried anything with my Guinness. The Irish do fry things nicely. BTW- has anyone tried and actually enjoyed the Guinness 250? It’s AWFUL!

  • It’s great. But if you like fru fru pretentiousness, you might not like it

  • I prefer Kelly’s Irish Times right next door.

  • I’ve been there a few times, great atmosphere. Although, being a man on a budget, I, like Chris, prefer Kelly’s Irish Times, literally next door. Though it should be noted, the Dubliner has much better selection and better tasting food than Kelly’s.

  • I give the Dubliner two thumbs up; much better and more authentic experience than the Irish Times. And if it makes any difference, the Irish folks that I know prefer the Dubliner as well.

  • The Irish Times? Are you in college still? Dubliner is good for traditional Irish music and a proper pint of Guiness.

  • I give the Dubliner two thumbs up; much better and more authentic experience than the Irish Times. And if it makes any difference, the Irish folks that I know prefer the Dubliner as well.

    Had the best “irish pub” experience ever at the Irish Times back in ’94. It was Bloomsday, and a procession of Irish and Irish American notables were doing the traditional reading of Ulysses upstairs. Quite fun and cultural, etc…

    Downstairs, the basement was filled with English national team supporters, nursing their pain with ale and primal screams after watching England get spanked 3-0 by Brazil in a World Cup tuneup friendly at RFK. Every few minutes, a massive shave-headed yobbo, wrapped in the St George’s flag would poke his incomprehending head out of the basement door, stumble into the light, and the bar manager would gently turn him around and lead him back to the stairs.

    It was like a metaphor for the entire history of Irish/English relations.

  • Expensive, loud, full of lawyers (which I say with love). It has better food and is cleaner than the Irish Times, but I usually hit up Irish Times if I need an afterwork spot. Irish Times is cheaper, the bar staff is friendly and there are videogames.

  • Oh, and I haven’t made it back to either the Irish Times or The Dubliner since then. Not sure why…but I think it’s because they have the reputation as the primary haunt of Young (and Not So Young) Republican douchebags.

    (Apologies to any Young Republican non-douchebags out there.)

  • really not cool that some asshole stole my name to post the 12:58 post.

  • @oBoe

    England have played Brazil once at RFK and it was a draw.


    I’m sorry your Irish inferiority complex has forced you into such desperate lies.

  • Going to an Irish bar for the food? You must be takin’ the Mick. (I’m Irish — really — no need to get all PC).

  • If you want an Irish bar, go to Irish Times next door. I just wish they still did the Bloomsday Ulysses readings.

    A couple years back, I went with some friends to Dubliner. Two hours later we got a bill for the month’s rent. Half of the drinks we didn’t even order. Turns out, the server put her friends drinks on our tab. I heard she got fired a while later for pulling the same stunt. Kinda soured me on the joint. Suffice to say, I’d rather eat a fistful of dog$h!t than set foot in the Dubliner. Your mileage may vary.

  • Ha! Both of these places are Catholic University hangouts/employers. The idea of hanging out at either past the age of 23 or so makes me uncomfortable.
    Of course, the Dub used to be more a of a lobbyist lunch place, so there’s that.

  • did you know that the authentically Irish way to pronounce “dubliner” is “doo-blinn-uh”?

    The Dooblinnuh!

  • Dubliner is fine. It’s a standard Irish bar with dark wood, Guiness, and sports – rinse, wash, and repeat.

    Irish Times is a Georgetown Law hangout with Adam’s Morgan feel. I’d rather be junk punched.

  • *”with an Adams Morgan feel.” Long day. Now I deserve to be junk punched….

  • i want to know what a junk punch is. should i assume it relates to a punch in the groin?

  • Thanks OBOE.
    Wait a second, I am a republican, and a douchebag and have never been to either one of these places. Was I wrong in my assumption that i was the only Republican in DC? What selfrespecting republican would be caught dead in an establishment that is frequented by the Irish?

    note to all of you serious kids and Irish out there, the previous was a joke. get over yourselves.

  • Andy: A junk punch is a specialty item and costs extra. if thats your thing. You might want to start with a donkey punch though.

  • I prefer it more for its proximity to Bistro Bis. that’s where we escaped to last St. Patrick’s Day for a relaxing drink sans NOISE.

  • I love hanging outside at the Dubliner…

  • Dubliner has a great authentic interior, excellent location to Union Station and the US Capitol and serves Magners cider, so you got a good Irish taste with the decor. However, the fish and chips are crap…nobody in DC makes a proper fish and chips but the Dubliner is a very poor effort. I mean, you only get like 7-8 chips for one.

    What is top notch is their trifle. This is so good I dare to say world class for those of us who know a real trifle.

    Personally, I care less for Irish pubs as they are usually American Irish and thus lack any originality. What this town needs is a real English pub, with English bar manager and chef to serve up real pub food from England which can be excellent if done right….starting with the bloody chips. How hard is it to import a proper chipper????

  • I like Dubliner. It’s been about a year since I’ve been there, but I remember really liking their Guinness Burger.

    Oh, and I actually like Guinness 250.

  • An Irish pub for food is almost just plain wrong. The good news is that they pull it off fairly well. Spend too much time swilling though and it conjures up that old joke about “…nobody knows me name”.

  • would it be so bad for an irish pub to offer some more modern food. fer chrisssake ireland has entered the modern world, why cant some pubs.

    better selections and better food please. maybe some irish punk music too?
    we’re not all old fashioned, but we still like a little familiarity. the pub is a good framework.

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