It’s Time To Judge U Street Cafe

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Well it’s been since May that U Street Cafe replaced Mocha Hut on U Street between 13th and 14th. So what’s the verdict? Better than Mocha Hut?

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  • well, i never visited Mocha Hut but i had a good sandwich and cup of coffee at the U Street Cafe. service was good, too.

  • The title for this piece sucks. Who the hell are you judge anybody or anything? Let alone, this terrible excuse for a business…

  • The place is consistently quite good and I go there regularly. The Ethopian coffee is my favorite of the coffees. The breakfasts are yummy — try the waffles. The guy that painted the mural in the alley across the street also just finished painting a mural inside U St Cafe…..PoP, maybe you can post a photo of it?

  • I’ve gone there a few times and always gotten smoothies (and once a croissant) which were fantastic. The service was always good too. Very friendly and helpful.

  • I must be going at the wrong times. I get the same breakfast sandwich on a regular basis and they screw it up every single time. I also think its expensive for what you get. Sandwich, chips are almost $10.00. Although this place beats the hell out of aroma across the street. (i went yesterday and had to explain to them to TURN the panini press ON so it would actually be

  • Agreed that the service was good (the manager or owner came over like three times to see how we were doing) but the food was not that good and way overpriced for what we got.

  • I have always been pleased with U Street Cafe. The owners seem passionate about their jobs and ensure that the customer is happy. I’ve only had the waffles but they are delicious and priced well. Definitely want this place to stay around!

  • i went there right after it opened, and the food was very good and moderately priced. the people behind the counter were wonderful. it seemed to be self-service, though. i didn’t see any way to order freshly cooked anything. but maybe that’s changed.

  • What I like is that you can actually hear yourself think now. The old Mocha Hut was too loud and too chaotic — the vibe now is more chill.

  • this place is not very good. the decor is bland, at best, and lacking character. the food is blah. i mean, pre-packaged sandwiches?!

  • I have always been pleased with the food — they have plenty items that are made to order (breakfast, lunch/dinner food). They also have some pre-made sandwiches at the front that you can “grab and go” if you are on the run. I like the system…

  • They have the best Chai Lattes that I can find. Much better than the big chain stores. They must be putting crack in them.

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