Don Juan’s in Mt. Pleasant Gets Sidewalk Tables

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I wanted to let you know that Don Juan in Mt Pleasant just got sidewalk tables!!! I believe they are great and take advantage of the broad sidewalk on Lamont street.”

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  • and to the best of my knowledge this happened because one single person in Mt Pleasant decided not to enforce their views on the community. No one made a major protest of this and so progress was achieved.

  • progress enjoy everyone!

  • I think that one single person actually lives in Cleveland Park, not MtP.

  • nothing is ever one persons fault. it is just easier to have one person to blame. all of us in mt. pleasant are responsible for what goes on in our neighborhood. the good the bad and the ugly.

  • Don’t worry, there will be outrage soon enough, once the neighborhood finds out there are “Mexicans” sitting out on their sidewalks, having a good time.

  • inmtpl, you are so naive. Take responsibility, then, for Todd Pfeiffer’s inability to sell Pfeiffer’s in this economy. Seriously, you take responsibility to fix the situation in the next two weeks.

    Can’t do it?

    apology accepted

  • neener please explain your post to me i’ll be glad to respond thanks

  • Maybe having more witnesses will discourage people from peeing against the building.

  • Neener’s right regarding the outdoor seating prohibition [and live music and dancing] that was in place here for many years was primarily caused by one person. Because of the city’s backwards ANC and ‘neighborhood association’ policies these groups [or individuals] have the ability to hold hostage an establishment’s liquor license until the establishment signs what is humorously called a ‘voluntary agreement’. Nothing voluntary about it – you sign or you lose your license. Nice huh?

    Also did Don Juan’s actually get a patio/public space license? Last I heard these were really expensive and paid for annually. If they did get a license I would think it may have been better to wait until spring rather than pay for a few more weeks of nice weather, then the whole winter when it will likely be un-usable. Either way though – it’s nice to have more outdoor seating anywhere in the city.

  • Ontario Roader, amigo, como estas? Look, this was seen on Sunday by some dude who calls himself Ojo Latino, and it looked pretty official, I mean, they had a few ads on their windows and sidewalk signs. Moreover, on Monday the tables were neatly stacked and chained next to the take out door, as if they were a permanent fix. I am not sure about the permisology involved, but it looked as if they were there to stay.

    PS: My observations saw some US white patrons enjoying the tables, not only Latinos, but yes, Latinos were the majority, like on the inside!!!

    Saludos y abrazos a todos mis panas del barrio manplesan!!!


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