Anyone Ever Check Out Weschler’s Auction House?

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Weschler’s Auction House is located at 909 E Street, NW. They often have super interesting items in the window. Here’s a look at the upcoming auction schedule. Has anyone gone to one just for fun? I’ve always wanted to but end up just looking in the window kinda like this:


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  • we’ve checked it out many, many times.

  • These guys are great. I have some items that I want to get rid of, and I called them to see about using their auction house for the sale. The folks I spoke to did a ton of research for me, no strings attached. I haven’t decided whether to use them yet or not (for reasons that have nothing to do with them), but even if I don’t, I’d still recommend working with them.

  • Yeah, great guys. I wandered around the “viewing day” where you cna check things out prior to the actual auction day. What surprised me was that some of the stuff was really high end with agents calling their buyers about choice items. Then on the other hand they had some junk old (at least to my eye).

    I have to admit I played around with the agent a bit and moved over and closely inspected the china he called his buyer about – just to make him think he had competition (I’m so bad!)

  • I love this place. I used to go to all the Tuesday auctions when I was a grad student. All the antique dealers in town get stuff from here, then double the price when they get the goods to their shoppes.

    Tuesday stuff runs the gamut from flea market junk to very respectable antique furniture and vintage jewelry. Always lots of books. Weshler’s organizes the Tuesday lots so that the junk goes first and the items get progressively better.

    The cast of characters that come to bid is very entertaining too. Ask me about the time the transexual couple got in a fight because one of them overbid for the remnant dresses from a bridal shop. I always thought, since Weschler’s is across from the FBI, that it would make a great setting for the opening of an X-Files episode; some monkey-paw sorta story.

  • I went one time just to look and saw this amazing chandelier. Didn’t have a place to put it but totally coveted it. I thought this is something Miss Pixies would grab up and sure enough I saw it when I went poking on their website.

  • I’ve used them and they’re wonderful. They came over and carefully pointed out items that would sell, packed and picked them up and I got a check within 2 weeks.

  • I have an antique armoire. VERY big, about 7 feet high and 10 feet wide, 2 feet deep.
    (It breaks down into manageably sized pieces for moving)
    I was moving and needed to downsize so I decided to sell it.
    I took a picture with me to Wechsler’s and I was told it was of no real value but they would put it in their housewares sale and price it at about $500.
    I kept it.
    I have since had it appraised at over 15K.
    That is my experience with Wechsler’s.

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