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  • May I asked what was on fire? from the perspective (especially of the 2nd shot), it looks like a house somewhere on the block bounded by 3rd/4th/RI/W or the block behind (V St).

  • The big 4-5 story brown brick building was on fire. Most of the top floor is definately burned to a crisp. Probably the floor below didn’t fare too well ether. You can see the red flames from the back of the building as well as the front.

    The biggest fire I have ever seen, aside from 9/11 Pentagon.

  • I saw the smoke from 14th and Q.

  • Was someone laughing in the first video, and if so what in the world is so funny about a fire?

  • I live 2 blocks away – the top 2 floors were filled with flames while the lower ones seemed a little better off. None of the businesses on the ground floor of the building seemed to suffer any fire damage (water damage is a different thing). From what I saw, the entry level of the building seemed to be without fire damage as well.

    Its more of an apartment building, and it seems as if it was abandoned – I have never seen lights on inside, and I’ve never seen anyone going in or out.

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