PoP Preview – G2 Restaurant and Lounge


Back in Dec. ’08 we looked at G2 when it was a deli. There was always supposed to be a lounge upstairs, but various permitting issues delayed the opening. It appears that those issues have now been taken care of. I spoke with owner, Sampson who has owned the building 3 years, who told me that he hopes to open this coming Saturday. The downstairs, formerly a Blimpie’s before it was a deli, will now be a restaurant featuring a potpourri of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Ethiopian and American fare. There will also be tvs where you can watch sporting events.


The upstairs will house the lounge. I think it looks pretty good.


In addition to a regular lounge there will special event evenings including Jazz night, Ethiopian music, Latino music, and an open mic night including comedy. I think this has the potential to be pretty sweet. I’d love to check out some Ethiopian music. I can see that being very, very cool.

Couple more photos of the lounge after the jump.




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  • You can tell that place is classy by the numbers in the address above the front door.

  • It looks like the set from some classy porno movie from the not-too-distant future.

  • “Mexican, Italian, Ethiopian and American fare”: what is this place, run by Babu Bhatt? Maybe they should just go all-Pakistani …

  • I feel like putting on my hottest Chess King outfit, moussing my mullet and doing the Neutron dance! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…

  • Hello, the eighties called, they want their decor back..

  • this place looks like the ultimate cheese.

  • And Friday Night is Parachute Pants Night! Half-priced drinks for anyone in gold lamé parachute pants and two-for-one junkpunches.

    Stop. HAMMER TIME!

  • The 1980’s is back, at least with the hip young things not old enough to remember it the first time around. Are those two red “lip” chairs I see in the penultimate photo? Kiss my ass, chair!

    When your fare is all over the map (Mexican, Italian, etc.), that should be a clear sign that you are in for trouble.

  • I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but having a mixed up menu of all sorts of unrelated food items *is* what makes DC so great. It’s a shame that I never figured this out until I moved to NE. “Jimmy’s Fish, Chicken and Subs”. “Yum’s Wings, Subs and Seafood”.

    This city /excels/ in doing a lot of things in one restaurant badly. You should be proud of the new addition.

  • To be fair, there’s a difference between wings/fish/chicken/seafood and Mexican/Italian/Ethiopian/American fare. In the former case, you can just throw everything in the deepfryer; the latter is just a hot multi-culti mess. Although, you could make the case that there’s some crosscultural influence between Italian and Ethiopian since there was that whole WWII occupation thing. Still, I’ll withold judgement until I sample their pollo pasta kitfo grinder (with extra mayo).

  • I’m not sure they delayed the opening because they didn’t have permits..


  • Pretty sure that the description of the menu just means almost standard bar food.
    Mexican/Italian/Ethiopian/American = Nachos/Fried Mozarella Sticks/Something with Lentils/Fries

  • this looks like the kind of bar the villains in New Jack City would frequent.

  • That place is pimp! And quite probably where they will hang.

  • Reminds me of those American discotheques that the P.L.O. were always blowing up in Europe. Clearly, we’ve learned nothing from that unfortunate episode in American history. Palestinians still need a homeland and disco still sucks.

  • This sort of fusion is an uncomfortable mix. The Ethiopian burrito, for example, is a flour tortilla with nothing in it.

  • Meh! I’ll take two shootings and a stabbing with my watered down vodka and tonic.

  • Actually there used to be an Ethiopian spot in Adams Morgan called Red Sea that made ‘injera sandwiches’ that were basically Ethiopian burritos – they were not on the menu and I think mostly made just to-go for cabbies, but they told me about them all hush-hush one day. Pretty damn good too.

  • Screw y’all.

    I’d welcome a bit of investment on that block with geysers of drool and fisty rainbows. For me, it’s within a 5 minute walk from my door so I’d rather have mediocre Ethiopian than an exceptionally high-quality vacant lot.

    And it doesn’t offend me in the least if the Ethiopian shares a menu with burritos or Cheerios. Who gives a galloping sheepsh*t? Bring it on, welcome, and best of luck with the business! I’ll certainly do my bit.

  • I’m kind of surprised at all the negative and “witty” comments… I’m with “Intangible…” I’m just glad someone is willing to invest in something besides a beauty salon or carry out on GA ave

  • I think everyone wants a successful neighborhood business. It’s just that the (con)fusion cuisine smells like a recipe for disaster. Restaurants that try to be everything to everyone end up doing nothing particularly well. And DC has a long history of nightclubs masquerading as restaurants, where the food is just an excuse to provide a place for not-so-legal transactions/activities to occur. My problem is that the decor of this place reminds me uncomfortably of a cleaner version of Club Ibex.

  • now to be fair, I’m NO fan of the plastic barstools that look like you’ve plopped your butt in Stanley Kubrick’s ice-cream scooper (I thought ThaiTanic got the last of those), but I’m willing to overlook that if the rest is a groove.

  • well thanks for those who support us. I find some of the comments really funny some just stupid. About the food it’s just an idea mixing up is what makes us different.

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