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Figuring It Out

I love this shot from M.V. Jantzen titled, “Figuring It Out”. Jantzen describes the scene:

“One of the new multi-space meters on 7th St NW, between the Smithsonian Reynolds Center and the Verizon Center. A few groups converged to get tickets at the same time, each one taking a while to figure out how the machines work.”

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  • Really? Folks, it’s not that hard.

  • luckily no one was shot…

  • I simply wander across the street to the next one when I see that. You’d probably get a parking ticket while you waited for that bunch of fools.

  • DDOT claims….Fast and Easy!

    How many people does it make to get a parking receipt?

    Another great product/service given by the District to the residents and visitors. I realize it is a new parking meter and it will take some time to learn the new system. The green machines will continue to spread across the District.

  • I thought those new meter machines were fast and convenient at first, but it seems like half of them I see nowadays are broken. Either the LCD displays are dead, or the card readers are completely non-functioning. At least the old metal parking meters were built to withstand typical urban abuse. The new ones are not well-suited to this area.

  • I don’t drive a car much, so I don’t really have any issues with these new meters from a function standpoint, except that they remove all the parking meters on the blocks where they install these things…parking meters that serve as a place to lock bicycles to. Since DDOT has so few bike racks over town, the removal of parking meters really creates a bike parking shortage citywide. They should have either mandated that bike racks be installed on any block where they installed these new multi-space meters, or they should have left the old parking meter posts for bicyclists to lock to. Poor planning from DDOT again.

  • damned if you do (i need a place for my bike) damned if you don’t (we demand congestion metering)

  • i think these machines are awesome! they work great especially compared to the meters which eat about half the coins you put in them without giving you credit. plus they take credit cards so I don’t have to keep rolls of quarters in my glovebox for the crack heads to steal.

    A+++++++ will park again

  • The puzzled Marine Corps wannabes are a nice touch. (BTW: what the Helen of Troy is that hideous khaki-and-black getup anyway? Some private military school for rich juvenile delinquents thing?)

  • i saw a woman get a ticket yesterday downtown on on 13th and H. she parked, then walked down to the middle of the block to the machine to pay and a meter maid drove up at that exact moment and started punching out a ticket. by the time the woman noticed, the ticket was already on the car and the meter maid was waling away. she chased her down and they got into a pretty heated argument. I didn’t stick around for the outcome

  • us Penn Quarter dwellers see this scene regularly. I can echo that the credit card feature does not always function easily.

  • I would say at least 50% of the time a credit card transaction does not work

  • Those parking ticket people are some of the biggest a-holes around, but I guess you have to be, in that line of work.

  • interesting – i’ve used these maybe a dozen times and they’ve worked perfectly every time. are you sure you’re inserting the card right…?

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